EXCLUSIVE: New-Age Pulsar P125 NOT Coming Soon – 3 Reasons

New Pulsar 125 launch is still some time away as Bajaj has not planned its replacement till now…

With the launch of the new Pulsar 250s Bajaj cleared that the complete Pulsar brand will transform to the new-age platform. And that simply meant that at least the oldest generation models – which are the bread and butter for the company still, will go!

So far, Bajaj has officially launched the Pulsar N250, Pulsar F250, Pulsar N160 on this new platform and has discontinued the Pulsar 180 and the large seller Pulsar 220 from the portfolio. In the near future the massive seller Pulsar 150 will also go, as its replacement, the Pulsar P150 has arrived and we have discussed it yesterday.

That leaves the Pulsar 125 as the only model based on the old(est) platform and it is natural to expect it to be discontinued as well! But that is NOT going to happen anytime soon as the Pune based manufacturer is in no hurry to take this step. In simple terms, the Pulsar 125 will continue to be on offer and the new-age Pulsar P125 (or whatever it may be called) is still some time away.

new pulsar 125 launch
After Pulsar 150, Pulsar 125 will be the only model on the old Pulsar platform…

New Pulsar 125 Launch Not Soon – WHY…?

  • Strategy Shift – If you look closely, Bajaj has successfully and (probably) intentionally transferred the bulk of Pulsar 150 sales to its smaller sibling. This means that Pulsar 125 has taken over the honor of being the largest selling Pulsar in the portfolio. After some hesitation, Bajaj mustered enough courage to replace the Pulsar 150 but it can not take the gamble of killing the 125 yet!
  • Response to Pulsar P150 – Bajaj is very keen to look at the response it gets to the new Pulsar P150. So far, the new-age Pulsars (250 and N160) have not been instant hits and that leaves a bit of nervousness in the camp. So, it probably depends on how buyers accept the P150 and if this acceptance rate is quick and high you may surely see the new P125 soon. However, if it does not go as per the plan, the new-age Pulsar 125 may get delayed. How much? Nobody knows!

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  • Keep One Option – After culling the old Pulsar 150, Bajaj wants to keep the option of the old Pulsar 125 in the market so that buyers who do not like the new-gen Pulsars, may eventually go get the 125. And this number could be in thousands every month!
The new-age Pulsar P150 will replace the Pulsar 150 in the market…

So yes, the concept (or even the product) of Pulsar P125 may be ready but Bajaj wants to give some time to the market to settle down and accept the new-age Pulsars. And once this happens, it may well execute its transformation plan completely. Till that time, you have the Pulsar 125 in the market – as your only option if you love the old(est) generation Pulsars!

While I am at this let me also confirm that BikeAdvice has ridden the new Pulsar P150 and its review will go live on the 16th November on our Youtube channel.