New Ducati Diavel Pics Gallery – India

We rode the older-gen Ducati Diavel Carbon back in 2014 and also presented a first ride review. Almost everything back then seemed perfect for a sports cruiser but till we tested the latest Diavel (again in Carbon trim)… and we were bamboozled by the updated muscle tourer.

This was an unplanned ride which our Test Ride Editor Shiraz took, upon his work in Mumbai (a media ride that was, for a car). This was also a more comprehensive ride around the Mumbai-Pune region and hence provided deeper insights into the motorcycle. You can read Shiraz’s detailed review of the new Diavel here.

Today let us present to you a quick gallery of the muscle motorcycle which is an epitome of how power cruisers intend to be….

First up – a good look at the older Diavel Carbon
..and here is the new Diavel.. Doesn’t it remind you of Johny Bravo – massive chest and minimal ass 😉
Front dual headlamps are not round in shape like the older version.
This is the best angle to look the motorcycle from…
Look at that massive ass….. remains almost unchanged but looks ominous…. BTW can you identify the other motorcycle in this frame…
The rider’s view. Despite the fact that it is not a sportsbike, Diavel handles real well….
The twin-cockpit design. Now you know where did Bajaj get the inspiration from… 😉   Also shows Riding Modes on offer.
A closer look at the instrumentation – It displays plethora of information but look at the neatness…
Cleanliness in design is applaudable….
That’s Diavel’s LED headlamp at work, during dark…. Impressive illumination….
Knob to switch suspension settings from hard to soft….
The seat is fairly well cushioned and the riding posture is comfortable…
And finally, the hulk again….. Truly a design epitome….

You can enjoy the slider now…

Ducati Diavel Pics Gallery