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New Honda 300-400cc motorcycle will pick the fight against RE

Let go one of the older report which claimed that Honda has put on hold its Royal Enfield challenger plans; it is now abundantly clear that they are eyeing that space. Apart from a recent report at Money Control, NDTV Auto has revealed some new details about the upcoming project.

Minori Kato, HMSI President and CEO, has confirmed to NDTV Auto that they have strong intentions of making such a motorcycle. He has also revealed the following details…

  • The motorcycle is likely to be between 300-400cc in engine capacity.
  • It will be 100 percent Made in India.
  • This motorcycle will be “completely different” from any of the Honda’s global product in this segment.
  • Development from the scratch means it will take at least two to three years before we have the final version and expect Honda to launch it up sometime in 2020.

Earlier, Money Control quoted its source who admits that they (Honda) do NOT have a direct rival against Royal Enfield-type of products in its entire global range as of now. Which means that they will have to draw a new one from the scratch which will entail a new bike development program.

The source further hinted that they are looking at a product on the lines of (Ducati) Scrambler to pick a fight against Royal Enfield. The biggest problem will lie in pricing the motorcycle absolutely spot on.

new honda 300-400cc motorcycle ducati scrambler
An older report has revealed that this motorcycle may be a Scrambler

He admits that Honda does NOT have a know-how of these kind of motorcycles but they are working on the plan. And since there is a lot of study and finalisation that is going to happen, new Honda 300-400cc motorcycle will only be ready by 2020 ie about three years from now.

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So far Royal Enfield enjoyed a free run since it did not have competition. However, we have established manufacturers who are eyeing that space and it is time RE puts a massive control on their quality check since, if Honda or any other similar manufacturer can provide motorists ‘that’ feel along with the much-needed reliability, it could just be a big threat for them (Royal Enfield).

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