Surprise Surprise – CBR 250R Outsells Apache 310 Twice in Five Months

CBR250R vs Apache 310 sales comparison for this fiscal brings in surprising results and the reason is, probably, unknown…

After a brief lull, Honda decided to introduce CBR 250R back in the Indian market – but as it is, without any mechanical changes. Which means that what you and I essentially get is the same old model which has been in the market since its inception in 2011! Hero also tried to replicate a similar strategy by announcing the relaunch of Karizma – but they have failed miserably (here are the sales numbers of 2018 Karizma)!

But for some reason, Honda has seen success with the CBR. In fact it is quite ironical that a seven year old model has started outselling a brand new brilliant motorcycle – the TVS Apache 310. Yes, CBR 250R has sold higher number of units than the Apache in the last two months, according to the official SIAM sales data shared by Autopunditz. Here is how it looks like…

2018 CBR250R Price

CBR250R vs Apache 310 Sales Comparison

Month CBR 250R Apache 310
April 559 862
May 557 595
June 401 476
July 404 351
August 461 343
Total 2382 2627

As you can see, sales of CBR have remained relatively stable but TVS has seen a sharp decline from 800+ units to about 350 in the last month. There is no clear understanding of why this has happened – it could be lack of demand or it could also be lesser production from the factory.

The fact that Apache has outsold the Honda in this five month comparison period, which also happens to be the new financial year, is overshadowed by what CBR has achieved in the last two months.

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So, as it appears, people still have faith left in the age old Honda, and they are consistently ignoring its age. This also highlights the fact that if Honda had consistently updated CBR 250R it could have been one of the highest sellers of this segment, if not the highest!

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So, what is your view – why are more people purchasing CBR than Apache?

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