SPIED: Bajaj Pulsar Spied On Test; All New Pulsar 180 in the Making?

Within a few days of we sharing exclusive spyshots of a Pulsar test mule, we have some new spyshots of a covered similar Pulsar mule caught by one keen-eyed Team-BHP reader.


We stare at it in amazement, and ask ourselves : What is Bajaj upto??

Auto-manufacturers do come out in the open with their bikes for testing, sometimes even long after the launch of the bike, for testing the worthiness and longevity of the various components used. However, the caveat in the situation is that the bike pictured above was clad in camouflage on the tank and tail panel areas.

It does throw up some questions. The Pulsar 200NS has been in the market for quite some time. If Bajaj wants to test some components, they could very well come out in the open, that too naked.  Do they need to put the bike beneath thick layers of camouflage for doing that?? NO.


Cut back to the Old Wolves. Pictured above is a current-gen Pulsar 180. The basic shape of the bike has gone without any major changes for the best part of around half-a-decade. Bajaj Auto has been sharpening its edges, and adding shinier cues like the newer paint on the crankcase as well as the paint scheme which is popularly known as the Speedline Decals. 

Tank flaps were plonked on to it a few seasons back, but they were no brand-new additions. They used to make their presence felt on the now-defunct Bajaj Pulsar 200 DTS-i model. Infact, what Bajaj did was borrow the dimensions and some mechanical tidbits like the elliptical swingarm from the Pulsar 200 DTS-i and in the process provide a beefier, stodgier image to the Pulsar 180. Saad had focused on these changes in a review of the Pulsar 180; take a look at it here.

New-Bajaj-Pulsar-200NS-Refresh (1)

This is the Pulsar Mule we spotted. Click pic for details

The Bajaj Pulsar 180 has been one of the under-rated machines prowling our market. True, there are much more powerful, fright-inducing beasts that will require you to brace up before cracking open the throttle. But when you pour in some other facets of the market like the rising oil prices and a per-capita income that still lies beneath the respectable benchmarks, you get to see the benefits of a machine that churns out few extra horses of power without shaving too many kilometres off the fuel-efficiency figures.

The Bajaj Pulsar 180 has been silently notching up good sales figures for the Chakan-based manufacturer. It quite nearly represents the ambition of the masses who would like to break free from the shackles of the 150 cc market, without breaking too much bank in the process. The fact that Bajaj has left it virtually untouched for a long time hurts its prospects.


Spyshots of Upcoming Pulsar 375. Click pic for spyshots & all details. Pic Credit: PowerDrift.com

Has Bajaj Auto finally woken up?? Are they scrambling over to hand the Pulsar 180 a much-needed upgrade?? Could it be a brand-new triple-spark mill that displaces around 180 cc to take over the reins from the older twin-spark mill that can be called gruff  in the least??

What we just spoke could very well be the truth of this mule since Rajiv Bajaj has himself revealed that Bajaj will come up with a new sub-200cc Pulsar this year.

Let us know your opinions. Also include your wishlist; the probable features which you would like to see in the Next-Gen Bajaj Pulsar 180.