new-bajaj-pulsar-180How many of you have actually ripped the Bajaj Pulsar 180? The people who raised their hands probably know what that bike is made up of! Personally speaking, Pulsar 180 is the best bike from the Bajaj’s stable. The earlier variant was synonymous with raw power and this variant just takes the game ahead.

Contrary to what other manufacturers do, Bajaj believes in giving value to each and every penny spent on its bikes. On the same page, this bike is around two thousand rupees costlier to the earlier version. Here is the list of what you get after paying more money.

  1. Big Pulsar 200 looks – The bike now looks almost same and as big as the existing p200 (though rumors are that p200 is also going to be upgraded)
  2. Fatter Tyres – The bike now gets the 120 rear section tyres which were 100/80 17 in the earlier version
  3. Split Seat – The new bike also gets the visually appealing split seats
  4. Tank Scoops – It also gets the dummy tank scoops direct from the pulsar 200 and aids in the overall visual appeal of the bike
  5. Clip-on Handlebars – It also borrows clip-on handlebars direct from the eldest brother pulsar 220.
  6. Elliptical swingarm – Elliptical swingarm is one of the best fitments to this bike direct from the big brothers which aids to the better handling and cornering of this bike at high speeds and sharp speedy turns and for fun riding as well!
  7. Increased wheelbase – The wheelbase is also increased by 25mm to 1345mm in comparison to the earlier version
  8. 37mm forks – A welcome change is the 37mm front forks which make the bike look awesome and meaty with the bottom pipes colored in black contrary to pulsar 220.
  9. Rear Sprocket & O-ring Chain – This new bike shares the same rear sprocket and O-ring chain from the P220
  10. Toe-only shifter – The bike does away with the traditional shifter to toe-only shifter to enhance the sporty feel of the bike.

This is not the end of the long list of goodies offered! Many would feel that the resistance would increase with fatter tyres. A Big No! Bajaj has reworked and tweaked the engine to a greater benchmark. The engine now produces 17.02 Ps from the same 179cc mill from the 16.5 Ps produced in the earlier version. Added to that, the valve timings along with the silencer have been retuned and the bike gets a new character.

Talking about the performance of the bike, it is a little slow to reach 60 compared to the earlier version but after that it becomes faster and feels as smooth as it can get at higher rpms. Moreover, the bike incorporates a new set of sprockets- both front and rear. The bike runs on 14/39 as compared to 13/43 which it earlier used to sport and this seems to be the reason of the bike not loosing out on the performance figures despite sporting fatter tyres, weighing 5 more kgs at 147 and loosing out 1nm of vital torque which remains an unanswered question as to what could be the reason for shedding 1 nm of torque. Mileage is also expected to be in the range of 40kmpls plus under normal city driving.

Considering all this, Bajaj engineers have done a commendable job with the machine taking it to newer benchmarks of refinement for them to beat in their own subsequent bikes. And their designers need a special mention because of which the bike is an eye candy to watch at the same time maintaining the menacing look of the traditional pulsar. The bike comes at a time when pulsars sales are seeing a downward slide after ruling the roost for more than 7 years and it sure promises to be a bike which could revive the sales of pulsar.

This bike remains the undisputed value for money bike in the market considering the plethora of goodies it offers at such an affordable price. With this bike, Bajaj has upped the forte and set the stage for its bigger brothers to steal the show! Already the pulsar siblings have been very well accepted by the people which is evident from the 1,65,697 bikes it sold in May, 2009, the month which saw the launch of both the siblings. Already there is an announcement regarding the ‘fastest pulsar yet’ from the man himself, Rajiv Bajaj in June, let’s see what Bajaj exactly is upto….

– Saad Khan

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  • Shiva

    This is not really good.
    Plz tell me that what is difference between 180,200 and 220
    Bajaj 180 enfine sounds like a grinder

  • Nice review there, surely this bike has tremendous value which is hard to beat. Hard to beat because Bajaj Pulsar 180 costs less than the Yamaha FZ16. But wait till the Apache 180 comes, this bike will be blown away, literally.

  • ripsss

    whenever u throw a stone,,it either falls on a dog or on a bajaj pulsar,,,readers plz read the recent issues of bike india ,,n u will know,,just read only one mag..

  • Amit

    Nice review there!
    The bike surely scores on looks and possibly on performance (I have my doubts though) over its predecessor but isn’t an upgrade supposed to be exactly that. Please don’t quote Honda to counter me here.
    My contention is – Pulsars are becoming stale now. Little tweaking here and there might up their sales a bit but it won’t break any major grounds. I don’t know about others but I’m waiting for that elusive “WOW” machine to come out from somewhere and my money is on Yamaha. Oh… how much I wish that R15 had wider rear tyres or FZ16 – the king of the streets that it is – had also been a performer

  • Shiva

    After 6-10 months all pulsar engine sounds like a Grinder (or) like a Pump motor.

  • Areesh

    Pulsar sucks !! Bajaj should go and make Grinders

    • Mohak

      areesh….u dumb ass…pulsar’s engine sound doesnt sound like a grinder….fuck you.
      go urself and start a grinder factory

  • dinesh

    Right guys! Im not partial and not blaming anyone but this is for sure that Bajaj should thinks something else now. A new design with a new name. Pulsar era is gone. I feel so.

  • Nikhil

    I am planning to buy a bike soon.which one should i buy??my budget is around 70K…..FZ and pulsar 200 is out of question…

    • Biplab

      Hi Nikhil.. Go for Hero Honda Hunk.. and later on change it to Yamaha R15 which costs u around 20k mur… hunk luks awesum if u change it to r15.. i can assure u for dat.. white-red hunk changed to ri5 simply looks stunning … even if it is better den original r15 ….hunk will cost u 67k which is da recent price..

  • Saad Khan

    Nikhil: I am planning to buy a bike soon.which one should i buy??my budget is around 70K…..FZ and pulsar 200 is out of question…

    Buddy, enlist your other priorities!
    In this segment look out for Apache 180 which is just out and sells at around 75k
    and we always have the Bajajs to serve VFM products.New P180 takes the game ahead!
    You can always get back to us for any further help,advice,suggestions. 🙂

  • vishwanath

    its a big disaster its the worst bike i have ever seen earlier i was using karizma it was good i felt outdated and got this new 180 it rattels and make some horrible noise when i shift gear 1st nd 2nd gear its a common problem gear shift is not smooth u have to push hard front disc is so sensitive u will definetly hop i feel scared to use it its overdone even the karizma will not give u a sudden crush like that ther”s some mistake in it and that digital meter biggest nonsense some times no most of the times it will not show the green light when u r in neutral and when it shows neutral when u start the bike u will get to no its in gear and the fuel indicator always gives wrong indication when the tank is full it shows its almost empty i went to the service center they r worst than the bike they said the noise is a common problem in all the bikes u cant avoid it its a fatal mistake in the engineering and the other problems are not regular when i was in the service center all was right I said to the service personnel again he said u have to adjust its also not repairable he said its a cheap china made and these problems r common it was very disappointing and don”t forget the new 180 has no kick start although twin spark is ossom imagine u and ur friends out of city in remote areas doing stunts and wheelies and its time to go sky is heavily clouded its going to pour heavily and ur bikes battery is down or circuit or wire got cut no garage near by how will u start ur bike.

    • maria

      First correct your grammar and punctuation. And tenses too.

    • Sundeep

      Well, for days like that, there’s always the good old push-start method. 🙂

    • raghu

      vishwanath nice comment dude,,, I got the one china made peace too dude.. 150

  • TusharG

    I used bajaj pulsar 180 for long 8 years! from Nov 2001 to Nov 2008. I didnot find the power/pickup of 1st Generation pulsar in next generations. I took a test ride of the IV th Gen i.e. 2009 edition bike and what author says about pickup you will notice in every gear. I felt as If I’m driving a splendor. Bike may have superb torque but it is only useful in load carrying not in catching quick speed. I took ride of TVS RTR 180 and it gave me the power kick that I was looking for. All the time RTR proved me that it has ample of speed to spare even when I was driving bike at 70 speed.

    • rahulp180

      @tusharg….splendorboy…why dont u go and buy a splendor if u think pulsar moves like splendor…..the fact is u dont have budget to buy pulsar, RTR or R15…dumb fellow idiot….pulsar 180 can do 0 to 60 in 4.5 sec ….with enourmous torque an pik up…however rear braking could hav been a disc rather than drum……anywayz pulsar rocks and continue to rock…..

  • Nadeem

    I rode this mean machine yeasterday for about 5 kilometres……and beleive me there z just one word to describe it..”awesome”. The gear changes are much more smoother than the previous 180 and the riding position z superb…coupled with the excellent torque and new handle bar… feel like riding a Hayabusa. Some people might say Karizma etc has noiseless smooth engine….blah blah blah….but when u mount the bike and start the engine…the feeling that u get is awesome…..and beleive me it turns heads whereever u go……I am definitely gonna buy one in a few days.
    Pulsar rocks…..Keep it up Bajaj.

    • Sundeep

      @ Nadeem
      Right bro. I dont know, perhaps the bike that Tushar was riding was an exception, but the new Pulsar is in no way slower than an RTR 180. The Apache might score over the Pulsar in terms of engine sound and that cool-dude factor but when i comes to riding hard, for long distances, its hard to find a bike that can equal the Pulsar 180 🙂

      • rahulp180

        yes u r ryt sundeep…pulsar rocks…its the future hayabusa of india…

  • Ramanuj

    Nadeem: I rode this mean machine yeasterday for about 5 kilometres……and beleive me there z just one word to describe it..”awesome”. The gear changes are much more smoother than the previous 180 and the riding position z superb…coupled with the excellent torque and new handle bar… feel like riding a Hayabusa. Some people might say Karizma etc has noiseless smooth engine….blah blah blah….but when u mount the bike and start the engine…the feeling that u get is awesome…..and beleive me it turns heads whereever u go……I am definitely gonna buy one in a few days.
    Pulsar rocks…..Keep it up Bajaj.

    Look dude it may be better than the previous one but its engine sucks and the sound of old grinder is never awesome while u ride it………….may be when it start the bike it feels awesome but when you ride the bike the engine shows its true colors

  • umangchheda

    i want to buy a bike around 70-75k it should be good in performence n should be smooth in riding so can u plz suggest me a bike.

  • Deepungsu

    I own a Pulsar DTSi 180 UG4, bought it on 22nd July… i have ridden some 900kms till date and there’s just one word to describe the feeling… divine! i recently read a bikeadvice article called the nirvana called biking… for me that’s what riding a bike means… Pulsar 180 2009 edition is high on performance and a sheer treat to ride.. i’m glad i chose this bike, ‘coz it matches upto my requirements in every way..and thanks to bike advice for helping me make this decision…and thanks to Saad Khan, who made me make up my mind with this article.. everytime i ride, people stare at my black beauty and it feel heavenly!!
    anyone still deciding… get the bike dude… Apache is too small for me, i’m 6’2″ and my Intrepido (that’s what i call him) compliments me perfectly!

  • Deepungsu

    one more thing… since i have never crossed 65kmph :P, its giving me 55-57kms per litre on highways and 50-53 in traffic!!!
    i use all the advices from bikeadvice, keeping the choke on when i start for the first time in the morning and other such advices.

  • yasho

    wth dude ….the new pulsar DOESNT HAVE A CHOKE!!!!!
    do u really have this bike????
    i wanted to buy this bike but my only hitch was the mileage……i saw ur post n was very happy…..but the bike doesnt hav a choke man n tats y im askin u if u realy have this bike…….no offence but plz help me….i love this bike too……but money for the fuel is also a concern na tats y im thinkin….plz help

  • Deepungsu

    yasho: wth dude ….the new pulsar DOESNT HAVE A CHOKE!!!!!
    do u really have this bike????
    i wanted to buy this bike but my only hitch was the mileage……i saw ur post n was very happy…..but the bike doesnt hav a choke man n tats y im askin u if u realy have this bike…….no offence but plz help me….i love this bike too……but money for the fuel is also a concern na tats y im thinkin….plz help

    Yes dude, i really have this bike, if you are in Orkut, you can even check the pictures… search with my name DEEPUNGSU..

    bike doesnt have a choke? 😮
    but i always put the choke on and start in the mornings, as adviced by bikeadvice!! the choke has been moved down, but it is there all right, no auto choke like the new 220 DTSi though 😀

    mileage will be an issue if u decide on 180ccs, now if u ride it like a 100cc (45-55) constantly, it will give you 55kmpl… but if u ride it like pulsar180, it will give you 45-50 in long drives and 40-45 in city rides (Quote – Bikeadvice question answer round 4, general)

    just yesterday, i took a long drive (143kms) from my home to bhutan, where i work… it took me 2.5 hrs, with bad indian road conditions.. the handling at speeds of 85-90 is amazing, no vibrations… i even hit 101 once, and only the scream of air in my ears was a problem… and the big rear tire is a boon, the braking in rains was awesome (i was going at 75kmph in full downpour, which was risky, but the grip of the tire is amazing!)

    i’d say go for it, but it will be your own choice… i love my bike..

  • yasho

    im sorry dude……i got my facts wrong……then im definately goin fr this one thanx a ton:D

  • Arvind

    Hi Friends,

    I bought pulsur 180 before ten days. Its really very good bike. Only thingh is that i don like engine sound.

  • narein

    my frnd bought dis new pulsar 180 2 days back and i rode it, around 50 kms and im srry 2 say dat its gearbox sucks…. wen i was shifting d gear 4m 2nd to 3rd it showed its true colours . i cudnt belive it . a new bike givin such a prob. i think people stil luv d outdated engineering of bajaj. i thnk bajaj shud jus close production of dese sucking bikes.

  • nikkhil kumar

    bajaj pulsar 135 and180 models are fantastic . they both have looks and they r not so costly

  • Linson

    Three days before i bought bajaj pulsar 180 ug4 ,i looks good, but it dos’t starts in one touch self,it makes more then 10 times to start.some times it starts in single touch.i don’t know wat’s the problem.i have already used pulsar 150 before it was so smooth and starts in a single self start button..moreover 180 has no kick pedal.if anyone knows plz tell…..

    • rahulp180

      @Linson i think something is wrong with ur starter show it to the showroom mechanic and if some big defect is found they will replace it free of cost….

  • Vikas

    I’ve read the review about the new 180, sounds great. I have the older version of the same, and here are some information about my bike:

    Make: Pulsar 180(Last lot with Analog Meter)
    Year of purchase: 2007
    Total Mileage: 42000+
    Daily Mileage: About 100-150 Km

    Here are few observations regarding the same:

    1. Seats are not very comfortable, once you go beyond 80-90 Kms the back starts hurting like hell. Unlike Hero Honda, which I rode for about 250 Km without any signs of fatigue.
    2. The chain set remains the same problematic thing.

    If these are issues are addressed in the newer version then no bike in this segment can beat “The Pulsar”.


    Hi frens I own a TVS APACHE RTR 160 refresh and two of my friends own pulsar150 and pulsar180. Both of them really love my bike and they always give their bikes to me when we go in pairs… They could not believe the pickup RTR gives. My other friend bought a pulsar 220 yesterday and I rode it… Man it’s just like RTR 180. I thought 220cc can do wonders but it won’t. Heard a rumour that TVS is gonna release RTR220 and RTR250 if it becomes a reality then pulsar 220 is gonna blowup literally:)love my bike really it’s now or never… Grow the tribe APACHE…

    • sambit

      hi guys
      while comparing bikes never forget the pros, just mentioning the cons is not the suitable. apache is for them who ride like drag racers, who never go on long ride at a strech and pulsar is for them who ride like god. I myself own a pulsar 180ug4 which i have ridden continuously for 45 hrs and see no pproblem at all, no back ache or body pain. now u all will ask abt the speed and distance covered. u all muxt be knowing iba of usa. i have covered 2431 kms in 35 hrs and 38 mnts in my pulsar. it never gave an issue. now apache cant do that. i have touched 138 in that and no apache can go for such distance in such time in stock condition.
      now apache has also a boon. city riding is best in them and initial torque iat the rear tire is better. it is swift and easy to handle.
      ya i wont say that these bikes dont need maintainance.its just you in the mirror. keep yourself maintained. my bike easily gives 50 +
      just think and then reply
      any quiery then mail me

  • lee

    i wana buy nu pulsar bike…..swts d grt diff b/w 150cc n 180

  • lee

    em found wid pulsar bike….jst suggest me any one from those bikes plz

  • Debajit

    some person say’s use chock for seconds in morning and some person say’s it engine killer which is right

  • vinod

    Pulsar 180 Rocksssssss…. apache sucks ….. apache looks as if the manufacturers found scarcity of material and patched it with some plastics. Compare with the Masculine P180 u will fell the difference. But the gear problem in P180 is killing me.Anyways the pickup is awesome . ilove this bike

  • Ganpat

    is New pulsar180 is better or pulsar150….

  • Siva

    Please let me good mileage bike?

  • Krishna

    i liked the Pulsar 150 and 180 classic versions..they looked like “definitely male”

  • Arun

    pulsar 180 is a beautiful bike man the performance is just awesome …..feel the real thrill in P 180

  • Arun

    i recently purchased pulsar 180, fitting K&N filter ,will it improve the performance,if it is…… then in what way ? How does it work….what will be the cost of the filter . Can any one help me with this…….

  • $HAWN

    People sharing and scolding others comments on one another about RTR 180 AND pulsar 180. Dont u think a bike which is showing a styish look, good performance, best resale value, most liked by girls is “ULTIMATELY” PULSAR 180 only…. Be a pulsarmaniac and
    RTR sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fahad

    i have recently purchased this bike and its amazing than other bikes.
    whenever i see any other bike then i feel proud that i have pulsar180 cc which is best than all the other bikes

  • Naveen Kullu

    I wanna get a new bike but confused between pulsar 150 and pulsar 180cc. Kindly, help me out that which bike would really give me satisfaction. Actually, i like speed cum style. My budget is between 70 to 75 thousand. Reply me soon.

    • mithun

      go for will be excited for the power and style.

  • mithun

    well,for me i have been with bajaj for years and now the technology is getting better..hope it gets much better in future.

  • apache

    oh really pulsar 220 is just like pulsar 180…and yeah rtr really sucks it may be fast at beginning but after 60 it slows down but pulsar it always keeps on increasing….

  • Kundal

    pulsar 180 gives the actual feeling of riding a byke in terms of decentness and economic limits. Its too sexy….I love pulsar 180(new)….

  • yash

    Apache is for kids, small and light weight. Pulsar is for grown ups, definately male.

    • vaibhav

      Pulsar is a scrap like you.

  • bibin

    For those peope who think apache rtr 180 is better .Guys my pulsar 180 is 9month old and i rip it 4-5 times a week till now. Its pickup is still same as it was new now here comes apache rtr 180 of my friend he did a race with me in highway . At first (honestly i loved the sound that apache made at first gear when it ripped ) it passed me till say like 60+ then here comes my pulsar after 3rd gear it started pulling me like beast . And then i overtake that A180 and it was still behind me till the highway was having its major turn. Overall Pickup of A180 is better till 60km but then P180 overtake it easily if the rider is good.People rarely notice it because most of them do race in local roads not in long highways . Because in local road no matter A180 owns P180 in pickup but in long run Pulsar is King! Ride it to Believe it. I rode both A180 of my frnd n mine p180(which is 9 month old) For those who talking about Pulsar quality many of my frnd are having pulsar and most of them dont maintain it and their pulsar suck badly obviously if its not maintained then it will not work good as well. But some of them do maintain it and one of it are P180 and its been had lots of accident and still with scratches he rip it off though he does servicing on time and its still as good as new. So if u dont maintain Pulsar or Any bike then dont expect it to be new as it was bought first .

    my bike Pulsar 180 red black 2012 model

  • bibin

    sorry 2011 model mistyped

  • Avion

    How can i make my pulser 180 look better… Please give me some suggestions.

  • Jai sharma

    earlier i had pulsar 150 black colour.recently iam planning for a new one,may b pulsar 180 or 220 but i didnt like the mix colour they have added blue colour with black …single coloured bike looks more stunning.wt say??

  • nvs

    p180 is baby 220
    looks sexy naked sports bike
    it is best under 200 segment except p200 ns n duke
    i bet karizma r n zmr cant ruin 180 on d highways
    the bike is best value for money than both 150 n 220
    overall it is classy for clg youngsters..



  • Bishakh

    Hey Saad Khan, could you please help me out ?

    I got a UG 4.5 Pulsar 180 about 4 months back. I have been facing problems with the gear shifter while shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. No matter how hard I pull up the toe-only shifter, the fucking sonofabitch gets stuck in neutral more often than not.

    I love ripping the streets, and when I rev the beast all the way upto 8000-9000 rpm in the 1st gear and then upshift, it gets stuck in neutral and the engine goes well above the redline (trust me….it sounds like as if someone is f***ing the bike from behind). Needless to say, I am worried about the damage done to the engine. But I can’t see myself riding like a “splendor-boy”….I love speed and the thrill it gives !

    The Bajaj mechanics told me that the issue was normal and the gearbox will become free only after riding nearly 10000 kilometres. I wish I could have better explained those dickheads that I can’t wait for 10000 kilometres before getting to ride my bike in it’s full glory.


    P.S. – Other than this, no other issues with my bike…fairly consistent with your splendid review. Keep it up !

  • I’m asked for Internatinal Price by $ .
    I want this Bike

  • Where do I buy this bike Model 180?
    Is there distributors in the Middle East or Egypt?

  • Abhijeet

    Hello Friends,
    I am going to buy bike Pulsar 180 after 1 week. But I am still confused because of mixed review about pulsar Bajaj make for Gear Shifting , Noice and Maintenance problem.
    I am totally confused. My budget is 75K.
    I am not going to use bike everyday but for Long ride and weekends only So I am not worried about mileage.
    I have following choices:
    Pulsar 180
    Pulsar 150(just thinking)

    Please help me … Thanks in Advance,.. 🙂

    • ARJUN

      go for this bike buddy u will enjoy it in a every bit of this machine she delivers an average of 51 km/ltr in city riding i was owning this machine well had to sell her after 2.5 year since met with an accident.
      It is a value for money bike.