SPIED: Is This an Updated Pulsar 200NS or the Upcoming ‘Smaller Than 200cc’ Pulsar?

Now, if you do not know that Bajaj is preparing not one but two Pulsars in India this year, this simply means that you are not following BikeAdvice! Rajiv Bajaj has cleared that there are two Pulsars in pipeline, one of them, as we know, is the upcoming Pulsar 375. However, its the second one that remains a puzzle. The only thing that has been revealed is that it will be ‘smaller than 200cc‘!

New-Bajaj-Pulsar-200NS-Refresh (1)

As we draw closer to the end of this year, spyshots and details should be pouring in thick and fast however there are none yet!Now yesterday, as we were roaming around aimlessly (quite literally!) in Pune, this test mule caught us interested! Spotted close to Bajaj’s factory in Pune, this Pulsar ‘on test’ carries the Bajaj’s test registration plate and was ridden through dense market for the brief time we followed it up before the rider took a right turn and zipped off!

Upon the short stint we had with the bike, we really can not make out any noticeable changes from the current Pulsar 200NS neither do these hazy camera pics help any wee bit! So what could this be?

Now, Bajaj launched the Pulsar 200NS in India in January 2012. It is really not possible that they will just be endurance testing it for almost 2 years! So, a simple inference is that this is a test mule which is being prepared for the market.

New-Bajaj-Pulsar-200NS-Refresh (2)

Next we are confused on two fronts. According to us, this mule can be:

  1. Upgraded Pulsar 200NS imparting all or some of the changes of the snazzier Kawasaki Pulsar 200NS that the company recently launched in Indonesia. OR
  2. It may be the ‘Smaller than 200ccPulsar Rajiv Bajaj was talking about.

Can you spot any changes or differences that we are missing out? What do you feel could this be? Rest Assured, we will report it first hand to you as soon as we come across any concrete information.