Honda CLIQ to Get Comprehensive Makeover

New 2020 Honda Cliq will be significantly different from the current unexciting model, the company has hinted.

Well, if you look at it, Cliq as a concept, fits perfectly well in Honda’s portfolio. It is a bare-basic looking scooter from the largest scooter seller, sharing the tried and tested Activa’s platform.. and all this at whopping Rs 10,000 less! It was aimed at the rural junta but for some reason, it has not clicked, at all!

Last month we did a related story wherein we shared the dismal sales numbers of the scoot (link to story). For reference, in the month of December 2018, it registered total dispatches of only 177 units. And with the upcoming mandate of BSVI coming in from April next year, it poses a question – With such disappointing numbers, will Honda carry Cliq forward?

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Yes, it will! According to a word by Minoru Kato (via Money Control), President & CEO, HMSI, not all models will be upgraded to BSVI. On the matter of Cliq he specified that Cliq will get a makeover (probably in design).

the Cliq will not continue in its present form and will be seen a different form.

New 2020 Honda Cliq

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This probably means that Honda will go for a comprehensive update and pitch it in a refreshed approach across to the target audience. This appears to be a nice idea – to keep the basic concept similar but lend it a little more excitement so that the interest level in the brilliantly priced scooter grows. In fact, it will be interesting to see if Honda chooses to call it some different name.