2014 Hero Xtreme Launched in India at Rs 66,516; Pics, Brochure & All Details

After promising a launch in March 2014, Hero has finally launched their 2014 Xtreme in the market and has updated the website with all the details.


Hero, which has been surprising us with amazing concepts, has very interestingly taken the tried and tested route again, and instead of launching the more powerful Xtreme Sports, they have launched the more tamer (regular) updated version. The new Xtreme has the same internals of the previous model, which produces 14.4PS of power and 12.8Nm of torque from its 149cc engine, with the five speed gearbox taking care of the transmission duties.

2014 Xtreme Changes & Features

However, there are a few changes and here we list them out for you:

  • New Integrated Digital Console: The snazzy console attracts all the attention as soon as you sit on the bike. Let us wait for a test ride to understand if it is too much glaring and hinders the necessary read-outs. It also gets engine immobilizer.
  • Wider Rear Tyre: From the 100mm of the earlier Xtreme, Hero has equipped the 2014 Xtreme facelift with a broader 110/90 18 inch tyre. Both the tyres should be tubeless, however it has not been specifically mentioned by the company!
  • New Fairing: We have never liked Xtreme’s fairing and this one continues with its unconventional looks. It has ‘Highbrow’ Position Lights, which we believe are parking lights as ‘eyebrows’.
  • New LED Tail-lamps: 2014 Xtreme also gets new tail-lamp design with LED bulbs. They look good in pictures!
  • New-Design Muffler: 2014 Xtreme also gets a newly designed exhaust. It gets the regular black coloured pipe with a chrome-embedded shield.
  • Mobile Charging Socket: A thoughtful addition to the new 2014 Xtreme is the availability of under-seat mobile charging socket which should be helpful when you are short of power!


The instrument cluster has a good integration of a digital speedometer and an analogue tachometer, guarded by a new visor, which sadly still looks pretty bland. The pilot lamps in a newer position also do not change the clichéd perception of bored front. Also present are a side stand warning lights and an engine immobiliser. The wider rear tire and the dual finish muffler add a bit of sportiness, which gets further accentuated with the new LED tail lamps.

New-2014-Xtreme-Brochure 2014-Hero-Xtreme-Facelift-Pic

The under seat mobile charger socket, is what I must say is a thoughtful addition. This will certainly be a good add-on which many prospective buyers would love to have in their motorcycles. But I am sceptical of its impractical positioning!


2014 Xtreme Pricing

According to OverDrive, here are the official prices of both the variants of 2014 Xtreme:

  • 2014 Xtreme with rear-discs:  Rs 69,530 rupees
  • 2014 Xtreme without rear discs: Rs 66,516 rupees

*all prices ex-showroom Mumbai

2014 Xtreme Colour Options:

Hero will offer the new Xtreme facelift in 5 colour options:

  1. Orange
  2. Blue
  3. Black
  4. Silver
  5. Red


2014 Xtreme Brochure:

Click on the following pic to open new Xtreme’s brochure in pdf


The new 2014 Hero Xtreme does look fresher but we would have loved to see a wee bit of mechanical changes as well. And if you are waiting for the more powerful Xtreme wait for the Xtreme Sports which produces 15.2bhp of power and should be launched within a few months from now. (More Details here)

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