SPIED: Naked 250cc Ninja RR Mono Revealed..Well One-Third of it!

A photograph, in fact a small piece of it has emerged over the web courtesy Tmcblog.com, showing the quarter-liter naked Kwaker based on the RR 250 Mono (a.k.a. Ninja 250SL).



This is not a revelation as the naked based on the Mono has been anticipated and the news of Kawasaki applying for patent on some design elements of the bike did provide clearer drawings of the looks of the bike. However, what this little piece of snapshot provides here is the first ever sneaking glimpse of the actual upcoming bike.

The single cylinder 28 PS Ninja 250RR Mono is the wallet-friendly option for riders graduating from small capacity commuter bikes into sports-biking. Besides being cheaper than its twin-cylinder stable mate the Ninja 250R,the Mono is lighter, shorter and hence more flickable than its stable mate as these first impressions reveal.

The published image shows about half or one-third of the bike’s upper portion with the rear-view mirrors, handlebar, instrument console, headlight assembly, tank, and the pillion seat being visible. The rider seat sitting lower on the bike is not visible on the image fragment. This new naked will display visual cues similar to its bigger brethren and this can be taken for granted!


The Faired Ninja 250RR Mono. Click pic for details

The Z series from Kawasaki make up the naked/street-fighter segment of bikes and the smallest, when launched, will be this 249cc Mono naked.

Would we see the 250 Mono naked in India? There have been no official or unofficial hints from the company yet. But considering that both these motorcycles are made for the Asian markets, we have got a good chance of getting them here. And if Kawasaki will bring in one of them, it would be fair to assume that the other will come sooner or later considering it would help them in economies of scale (if they will be locally produced that is!).

If and when launched, we expect an under 2 Lakh price tag for both these motorcycles here in India putting them bang in competition against the CBR250R, upcoming HX250R and others. By the way, the Kawasaki Z250 is coming to our shores for sure and very soon!

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