Naked 250cc Single Kawasaki RR Mono coming soon; Gets design patent!

It is a given that if you are a lawyer bartering intellectual properties; like, design particulars, you would be one heck of sharp. And it is also likely that you would have very limited amount of hair on your head.

naked-kawasaki-RR-Mono-single (4)

The Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM); the protector of intellectual property rights in the European Union, I should think, must be teeming with the said sharps. A naked bike design by Kawasaki has been recently registered as a patented property of the Japanese corporation, and I, for one, will be exceedingly apprehensive now on to hold a pencil and draw anything with two wheels; lest I’d be infringing on the rights of the indomitable Kawasaki.

The runs a story showing the renderings of what seems to be a naked version of Kawasaki’s 250 cc Ninja RR Mono unveiled last month in Indonesia. This Ninja 250 RR Mono (also called as Ninja 250SL) is a small capacity sportster designed and developed for the Asian markets and we hope India is included. The naked version of the same single cylinder bike has now been registered in Europe as a patented design of Kawasaki Motors Corp. Obviously, the company is planning to produce and market the little naked in the European countries.

naked-kawasaki-RR-Mono-single (2)

We already have the Duke twins as well as the Pulsar 200NS coming from (almost) the same partner stables of KTM and Bajaj. On the same coin, what the boys here are waiting for is the Ninja 250RR Mono (or the Ninja 250SL) and hoping that his time around the Ninja, with a single cylinder, won’t ask them to rob the neighbourhood bank.

naked-kawasaki-RR-Mono-single (3)

We are just beginning to imagine the upcoming 250cc market – Naked Kawasaki 250cc single at around 1.5 lakh and the faired RR Mono at around 1.8 lakhs and we are sold!

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