A mysterious motorcycle has been snapped testing in and around Bangalore by a PowerDrift reader. Though not much is visible from the lone spyshot we have, it is being claimed to be the Draken under tests!


As a first, let us agree on the company. Yes, it does look like a TVS test mule going by the registration number and that blue hiding cloth which is used on all their test mules. So, if this is a TVS mule, which motorcycle is it?

The parts do not appear to be production ready and are dummy ones, so it gets more difficult to identify its particulars. The sneaking tank extension visible in this pic does resemble Draken but the tyre appears to be thin. Neither is that exhaust system similar as the Draken carried an underbelly exhaust.


Draken with that underbelly exhaust

The RVMs look basic but the upswept tail and rear-set footpegs do hint at the bike being a sporty offering. So, if we have to take a wild guess – is this the new TVS Apache, which may be based on the Draken concept? Or is it that the TVS-BMW K03 is on test here?

We will wait for clearer pics, more from the front, to understand what this test mule is, but if it ends up being an all-new TVS Apache 200 to 250cc based on the Draken Concept, we might just see a big war out there!

Do you know more about this motorcycle?

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  1. Why bother with just a test mule? let the finished product(bike) hit the market, then we (the bikers) shall see how good or bad it is.

  2. finally a final nail in coffin of mahindra mojo now bajaj pulsar is on verge of launch hero brings hx250r for r and d and now tvs also come up with new apache series now who cares about mojo jojo


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