More Powerful Yamaha FZ Under Works: Report Reveals Tentative Launch Timeline

More powerful Yamaha FZ launch is planned by the brand and they will club it with the BSVI updrade, claims a report…

When the first spyshots of the recently launched Yamaha FZ v3 surfaced on the internet it was expected that the Jap will definitely boost the motorcycle’s power figures which are among the lowest in the segment. However, many were disappointed to see the exact same numbers upon launch on 21st January (link to launch report).

Apart from the inclusion of ABS, the only other non-cosmetic change Yamaha has informed us of is the focus on low range which has been achieved by altering the fuel injection settings.

However, there is some good news for you. A report at NDTV claims that Yamaha will be readying a more powerful FZ in the future. They add that it will still be in the realm of version 3 which essentially means that they may continue with the design theme of the recently launched version.

More Powerful Yamaha FZ launch
The new Yamaha FZ v3

They say that along with more power Yamaha will also update the motorcycle to adhere to the upcoming BSVI emission regulation mandate. The current motor on the motorcycle is BSIV certified. It is not clear if they will update the current engine to make the necessary changes or they will develop an all-new engine to keep rolling.

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More Powerful Yamaha FZ Launch

FZ launch2020

According to the speculative bit, the motorcycle is destined to arrive sometime next year.

So, if you are disappointed with 13.2 PS/12.8 Nm numbers of FZ v3, you can wait for the coming months to see a more powerful version getting rolled out of the factory.

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So, why didn’t Yamaha update the engine now?

We believe Yamaha may have thought that it is more lucrative to keep the current engine unaltered. This will keep costs under check and there won’t be a big price hike on the already costlier motorcycle. Once, when the complete industry moves over to BSVI emission norms, they will, anyway, have to work on the engine and hence, they can lend the demanded higher power output then. So that the price hike doesn’t look isolated and gels well with the segment’s overall increase.