More Kawasaki Customers Share Their Pain [Kawasaki-Bajaj Split]

Kawasaki-Bajaj split is causing terrible inconvenience to almost all the existing Kawasaki motorcycle owners. With the partnership speculated to end next month, Bajaj’s Probiking dealerships are neither selling Kawasaki branded motorcycles nor are they servicing them.

This is a much bigger issue in tier 2 cities where many current owners are facing issues in sourcing spare parts for their Kawasaki motorcycles they already own. After we highlighted one such concern of a Ninja 300 owner from Bhubaneshwar, few others have also commented and shared their pain…

Sanket Kawli from Mumbai

I own a Versys 650 and myself and many other owners are facing issues as the Bajaj-KTM service centres are refusing to service our bikes and Kawasaki service centre hasn’t yet opened here in Mumbai. Kawasaki doesnt even have Oil-filters in stock. Many Versys owners are facing these issues.

Karthik Ramamoorthy from Tamil Nadu

I have a 180kg of metal sitting in my parking..don’t know what to do.. customer is no more the God for Kawasaki.

Bikerz India

Out of the 5 months that I have owned the Kawasaki Versys 650, I’ve had the bike for less than 60 days. It was lying at a Delhi service stations for 2 months and now for the past one month in a service station in Bangalore. And today, now I am told that it is gonna take atleast another month. First time the clutch assembly got screwed up at about 9K kms and now 3K kms down at 12K on the odo.

A few also took a dig at both Bajaj and Kawasaki…


“Let the good times roll”… lol, that reminded me of our PM’s promises of “acche din”.

Ajay Sathyanarayan from Bangalore

It’s a given that customers are experiencing serious issue with regards to servicing. What is more shocking is the way Bajaj has stopped providing cover during this transition phase. If you look at the history of Bajaj, their complete engineering and groundup work were as a result of Kawasaki in the equation. Pretty cut throat.

Tarun Kamboj 

Pity on Kawasaki by discontinuing deal with Bajaj without having a backup.

The bigger concern which we can foresee is that the resolution may not come anytime soon. Because it will take Kawasaki years, not months, to reach every city Bajaj Probiking currently operated in. What will happen to the existing owners in these cities till that time, is absolutely uncertain! We hope Kawasaki comes up with a plan soon…

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