Kawasaki-Bajaj Break-up: Ninja 300 Owner Shares His Suffering

It has been widely circulated that Kawasaki and Bajaj are breaking sales and service ties which simply means that all you owners of Kawasaki’s CKDs like Ninja 300, Ninja 250, Ninja 650 etc will NOT be able to get your motorcycles serviced at KTM/Bajaj pro-biking outlets (link to our report). You will have to find a Kawasaki dealer and if you are able to find one, pat your back since there are only a handful of them (exclusive dealerships) in India at the moment.

One of our reader and a Kawasaki Ninja 300 customer Chinmay Arindham from Bhubaneshwar has shared his plight he is facing due to this ongoing issue between the two partners. Here it is in his own words…


Through your page I want to seek attention of Kawasaki that CKD models of their company, which were previously sold and serviced by KTM/Bajaj, are facing much trouble in getting servicing and spare parts after Kawasaki ended their deal with Bajaj. Now this problem is prevalent all over India. Even I am facing problems because of this reason.

In my case – its like I have some engine issue in my bike and I handed over my bike to the local service centre in December. Dealer is trying to get parts to fix the issue but Bajaj/KTM is unable to provide parts to their dealer as Kawasaki has stopped selling parts to Bajaj/KTM. Okay, if Kawasaki is not letting them fix servicing related issues, then it should fix it on its own. No response from any official or from any source. Not only me many other owners are facing similar problems.

Even contact us option is missing from Kawasaki India’s official website. Bajaj/KTM people are giving immature responses – reasons like imports are banned because of demonetisation, it will take one or two months to get parts….etc
Worst experience ever having owned a Kawasaki. Would say that Kawasaki should change its tag line from “Let the good times roll” to “Let the bad times roll”

Screenshot of Kawasaki India’s ‘Contact Us’ page… Its not working…

This is serious and something which Kawasaki needs to work on, on priority. As we said earlier, Kawasaki currently has very few service centres in India and it will take them many months, if not years, to reach even half of what they had when they were in collaboration with Bajaj Probiking stores. Till that time, how will they provide even basic service and support to their existing customers is a very big question mark!

If you are also facing similar issues, do mention them in the comments section below to help us understand the magnitude of the problem…

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