Absurd: RE Meteor Gets 16,500 Costlier in Just 2 Months

Meteor 350 latest prices have seen massive escalation from its original launch tags. It has seen a new hike of 6500 this month of September…

Government is taxing automobiles like crazy. Add to it the recent regulations that, though are in the larger interest of the common commuter, have come in far too closely packed with each other. And then there is the Corona-related disruptions.

All of this, combined, have meant that production of automobiles, 2-wheelers in our case, has become costlier. And this has led to makers going berserk with price increments and some of them are also trying to make a killing out of it.

Royal Enfield introduced Meteor 350 – which was based on an all-new J-platform, in November 2020. Barely is the motorcycle 10 months old and it has seen multiple price hikes already. Here is how things have escalated..

Meteor 350 Latest Prices – 2021

VariantLaunch Price (Nov 2020)Latest Price (Sep 2021)
*all prices ex-showroom Chennai

Here is the total hike on these three variants so far..

  • Fireball – Rs 22,720
  • Stellar – Rs 23,201
  • Supernova – Rs 23,977

These hikes correspond to price increments of about 13 percent. The latest big increase of Rs 6428 has been announced this month!

meteor 350 latest prices
Meteor now almost overlaps the new Classic 350..

The Meteor now overlaps the new Classic 350 – but Royal Enfield believes that two products can exist in similar price ranges.

2022 RE Classic 350 Launch: Prices & Details

Needless to say that there has been no changes to the motorcycle and it continues with the same styling, feature set and engine.

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Meteor has gradually gone on to become one of Royal Enfield’s most important motorcycle and it could become the company’s second largest selling bike in the portfolio for the complete year.