Five Fresh Spyshots of Mahindra Mojo; Bring it Onnn…Mahindra!

The Mahindra Mojo is back in our crosshairs again. BikeAdvice brings to you some fresh spy pics of the Mahindra’s upcoming flagship, up close!

Mahindra-Mojo-Spy-Pic (1)

First up, let us remark that the vehicle seems to have regained its “Mojo”, i.e. its twin round-dome headlamps are back (or were they always present?).

Let us also point out that the bike pictured in the photos appears to be a pre-production version, i.e. one that is just about to clear the final hurdles before it starts rolling out of the assembly line.

The Mojo has a wee bit of a reference to the styling of the KTM 200/390 Duke. The rear end could be easily mistaken for that of the Austrian twins. The teeny-weeny tail-lamp is present, and so is the high-rise seat with a set of inconspicuous rear grab rails. There is neither a rear mudguard, nor a rear tyre hugger. The rear end shows off its brawn in all its glory. More so because the spied bike runs astride on a couple of Pirelli Street Demons (Did someone say Nice!).

Mahindra-Mojo-Spy-Pic (4)

The wheel design is definitely nice to look at. Another appreciable addition is the set of upside-down front forks. Mahindra seems to be in a race against itself; a race to shrug off its perceived image of incapability in high-tech bikes. That also brings us to the big, bulky radiator. It should do a good job in keeping the 300 odd cc engine cool!

The motor is liquid-cooled and the engine management job would be taken care of by an Energia EFI system. It was also officially revealed that the Mojo would be capable of putting out around 26 bhp of peak power. We can only say that the spyshots suggest a single-cylinder mill. Mahindra could, thus, face some challenges regarding uneasy buzzes and vibes.

The spied bike had discs at both ends. The front was a petal, but the rear was the regular round unit. It also appears that the Mojo will go ahead with its plan of two muffler tips, a la the Suzuki Inazuma. Have a look at one of the photos, you can just notice the exhaust tip of the left side of the rider peering out from behind the rear wheel. The acceleration of this specific mule was also brisk as we saw the rider zip off in a flash!

Mahindra-Mojo-Spy-Pic (3)

Mahindra officials have confirmed equivocally during Centuro’s launch that Mojo will be launched this year.  The Mojo has been doing the internet rounds for way too long. It is high time that it comes out on the roads, or atleast in the showrooms. Will you be a taker for this maverick of a bike??

One thing from the spyshots even ended up confusing us. Have a look at the snapshot which shows the right leg of the rider in close range. Now, is that a rear brake lever?? Or is it a gear shifter??  It seemed a tad odd to us.

But then, the Mojo embodies enigma, isn’t it?? 😉

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Mahindra Mojo Spy Pics