How Mahindra Centuro’s Anti Theft Feature Help a User Find his Motorcycle Back

A motorcycle for an individual is more than just a means for commuting from one place to another. It is rather their prized possession, something which they have earned after much toil! What if it gets lost?


This is where innovative technologies come to the rescue. We have talked about Mahindra Centuro’s interesting features time and again and here comes a practical example of how one of its technology saved one theft.

Mr. Longri I. Aier, a resident of Dimapur, Nagaland had been on the receiving end of this incident recently when a thief ran away with his motorcycle, a Mahindra Centuro. Now the Centuro has always boasted of an anti-theft system which consists of an anti-theft alarm and an engine immobiliser.

According to the information shared with us, the thief had tried really hard to turn the bike on but could not do so without the proper key. He even tried manhandling the engine wire and locking mechanism but could not get the bike started. He then dragged the bike away to disassemble the shiny golden ribs and registration plates, and then abandoned the motorcycle on the streets.

Mahindra-Centuro-N1 (4)

Dimapur police then found the bike and returned it to its rightful owner, Mr. Aier who was very pleased on getting it back. Because of the remoteness of the location, tracing a stolen motorcycle is a rather uphill task and success in such cases is pretty sporadic and rare. Had this been some other motorcycle, possibility of finding it would have been rather difficult.

This is where Centuro’s innovative and practical features get highlighted. Mahindra has also recently launched a lesser variant of Centuro called as N1 priced at Rs 45,700 (Details here).

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