Mahindra Centuro Gets 4 Patents For Some Innovative Features

Mahindra Two Wheelers recently obtained international patents for its four indigenously developed technologies and one can say one thing about them is that they do sound clever.


Take for instance the ‘automatic ignition cut-off system’. It saves fuel while the vehicle is in idling condition and when you need to move on, the engine can be restarted with just a twist of the throttle! That’s smart! No wonder Mahindra claims an astounding mileage of 85.4 kmpl with its all new Centuro.

The other three innovations for which patents were received by the company are the ‘fuel gauge system’, the ‘distance to empty fuel system’, and the ‘engine immobilizer system’.

All this is really commendable considering that Mahindra is a relatively new player in the two-wheeler market and so far we have seen these features only on cars. Although all these technologies were developed in-house at their R&D center in Pune, one could well trace it to the know-how available to them through the Moto GP circuit where the company has been a successful player for the past few years.

Mahindra-Mojo-Spy-Pic (5)

*This is the 300cc Mojo which we spotted testing. Click pic for more spypics

The ‘distance to empty system’ together with the ‘fuel gauge system’ helps the rider estimate the distance the vehicle will cover using the fuel remaining in the tank when it hits reserve. Surviving on student allowance while riding a bike, I had always wanted to have something similar to gauge if the bike will take me to my next tryst without pottering to a stop somewhere on the way. When the money is real tight it really matters. Even when it is not, it helps a lot!

Understandably jubilant, Mr. P. S. Ashok – Senior Vice President and Head R&D, affirmed his team’s continued effort at developing more such technologies that would appeal to the global two wheeler community.

Way to go, Mahindra! Waiting for your next shot at the market!

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