Quick User Review of 8.5 Years Old 65,000 kms Done Honda Unicorn

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Hello, my name is Swapnil Satghar, I own a Honda Unicorn, It is 8.5 years old , red color and I have completed 65000 kms so far, because earlier I didn’t use to ride it as I ride nowadays.

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This bike is very comfortable ride for all types of roads. Smooth driving and Quick pickup. I just love riding on it. Its a perfect bike for long drives and returns an awesome mileage of 50-55 kmpl.

I have kept my bike simple and haven’t changed the accessories. They are the original ones which I got while purchasing it. My dad gifted the bike to me.

Between these 8 years I didn’t like any other bike instead of Unicorn, as it is best in mileage, awesome on highways and city too and also fantastic in looks.

I love to keep my bike in a proper condition and I also do servicing of my bike at specific time periods. It doesn’t give any problems. Last year I met with an accident on my bike, so I had to change the mirrors and faring of it, and also the right indicator .

Before purchasing Unicorn I wanted Yamaha FZ, but it is not as good as Unicorn. My friends own FZ but after 3-4 years it is not in good condition.


I went for a long drive on my unicorn and it gave an awesome mileage and great performance on highways. Whenever I go on a long drive, it gives a great performance, and it is also very useful for youngsters for its great mileage and looks.

Unicorn is not a show-off unlike other 150cc bikes in the segment but is a very steady performer in terms of mileage, comfort, quality and most importantly reliability. What else can you expect.

I am having the bike for 8 years and still it is going strong. Only thing is few things haven’t been upgraded in bike yet like digital speedo, tubeless tyres and rear disk brakes. Other than these, no complains about bike stability, mileage and its engine performance.

Most admirable feature of Unicorn is its race inspired mono suspension which inspires confidence to ride in any road conditions. The riding posture is overall very comfortable making it a perfect commuting option for city as well as for highways.

The sitting position for the bike rider and pillion rider is very good and comfortable in unicorn, the pillion rider doesn’t slip if brakes are applied, but in case of other bikes, the pillion rider slips and comes forward when brakes are applied.

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Since the last 8 years I haven’t done any work on my bike as it doesn’t need it. It just needs to be properly maintained and it will give the the best result.

Unicorn is a stable bike, both in city and also on highways, and it is also controllable nicely. I haven’t gone on long drives as such but 1 month back when I went on a ride, it gave best performance in terms of mileage, speeding up and control. The mono suspension of the bike doesn’t give back pain and it also provides proper shock absorption capabilities.

I am completely satisfied with my bike and 65,000 kms of effortless running does talk about its reliability.

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