Life on Two Wheels – A Rider’s Story

My blog has grown faster than I had expected. It is just three months old and I am already having more than 4000 pageviews per day and 1200 RSS Readers. Most of my website traffic comes through Google search and I am happy that many people are getting benefit from the content I create. It really motivates me when people leave comments, because it gives a feeling that my words are being heard.

I thought it would be better if I tell you more about myself. To let you know who is behind the word and pictures of BikeAdvice. This post is just about me and if you are interested to know more about me, please read on. It is an interesting story.

It all started with a Karizma: Right from my childhood, I was interested in bikes. I was always fascinated by the fact that a man can balance himself on two wheels and control his speed with his fingers. It is so much different from cars. You feel like flying when going through a cool breeze and on a smooth national highway, no car can match that. When I completed my school and joined college, I had to get myself a means of personal trasportation. My dad offered me to buy a Maruti Alto but the very thought of driving a car was boring. I had a hard time convincing my dad to buy me a bike and had to prove that I am not one of the irresponsible youth who abuses the power and drives like a maniac. Next I had to convince that Karizma was one of the safest bikes in India because with more weight and wider tyres, a bike can stop sooner just like it can go faster.

Hero Honda Karizma

It was a three month’s wait until I got my hands on the bike. A close friend of mine was on the process of opening his own Hero Honda showroom in my city and I was requested to wait until it was opened. It was worth the wait… I was the first buyer of that showroom and he was happy that his first bike sale was the flagship model of Hero Honda. I was handed over the key along with a bouquet by the chief guest who presided the opening ceremony of the showroom, and yes, I had media coverage in local newspapers!

A Review on My Karizma: This bike is a 2004 model, the first generic Karizma released. Black was my choice without any second thought. This machine has served me well and I never had any doubt whether I had chosen the right bike. I haven’t done any modifications except for the reflective ‘fire’ stickers on the tails. It glows in the night and attracts a lot of eye balls. This first model has the words Karizma embossed in the tank, unlike the new Karizma R which has just the stickers. Another difference is that the silencer is in golden colour but for the new model it is in silver. Black and gold is always a great combination.

Hero Honda Karizma

There is no use of owning such a good bike if one cannot enjoy it every day. Fortunately, I am connected to my college from my home by a four lane NH7 with no traffic signals. Four years, 20 kms of cruising everyday, not much traffic, smooth road, clocked 20,000 kms and I am still not satisfied… I want more of this. My dream is to own a Honda Goldwing and go for a long tour in a cool place like Australia. This is something I dream about every day. And I am sure that someday it would come true.

Hero Honda Karizma

Now that I have completed my engineering and there is not so much to ride. I am doing my internet marketing business. I work from home (a dream home which is like a resort!) and I have remote employees who work along with me on various website projects, on performance basis. But this blog, started on August 2008, is my baby. I finally found a channel to share my biking passion. There is more to come, new features and enhancements. So stay tuned. And by the way, here is my office, factory, workplace, or whatever you can call it. Thanks to modern technology…

What is your biking story, and how does your future dream bike and experience look like? Share it by leaving a reply below.