Learn to Use RSS Feeds for BikeAdvice

In this post I am going to explain you how to use RSS readers in BikeAdvice. Our website is constantly updated with latest news and information, so it becomes difficult to visit the website each time to read the latest post. RSS helps you to receive information at the destination of your choice for free.

Our RSS feed URL is: http://feedproxy.google.com/bikeadvice

Using Google Reader: There are many ways to receive RSS feeds and enjoy reading the latest information. My favourite RSS reader software is Google Reader. You can login into Google Reader with your existing Gmail account. Visit http://reader.google.com and click the ‘Add Subscription’ button as shown below and enter our feed URL.

You can add many RSS feeds in your Google Reader. Most of the blogs nowadays have a RSS feed and is usually denoted by an orange icon as shown at the top right of this page. Now you need not visit each site to get latest updates, every thing can be accessed at one place.

Using Email Subscription: If you do not want to use Google Reader and still need to keep yourself updated of the latest informationn, you can use our email subscription feature. Click Here to subscribe through email. Once you subscribe, you need to click a confirmation link in the email to activate your subscription. Once you have done that, each new post in BikeAdvice will be mailed to you along with pictures!

Using RSS Feeds in Mobiles and Portable devices: Most smart phones today comes with RSS capabilities. You can enter the same feed URL in your mobile’s reader and you can enjoy reading on the go!If your phone does not have an RSS reader software, you can receive information through SMS. The SMS subscription is free and is provided by Google. Click Here to subscribe for our feeds through SMS!

If you have any more questions about RSS, leave the question in the comments below and I will answer it within a few hours.