Think 2-Stroke is Dead? This 250 Has Just Passed Euro 5 Certification

Langen 2-Stroke launch could be very soon as it has passed the Euro 5 emission compliance. However, only a few units will be made…

With each passing day, our environment is getting dirtier. A part of the blame is to be put on the exhaust fumes that our motorcycles and cars emit. This has resulted in tightening of the emission norms the world over. And unfortunately, this is the biggest reason why 2-stroke motorcycles are nowhere to be seen. 

However, a new Brit motorcycle maker has shocked everyone. Langen Motorcycles has managed to achieve the most stringent Euro 5 emission norms for its Langen 2-stroke bike. That means that it can be legally launched and ridden on roads – the world over!

The Langen Two Stroke uses direct fuel injection technology. The cylinder head consists of the injectors. They directly release fuel into the combustion chamber fusing it with the air charge. 

Langen 2-stroke launch

This enhances the efficiency of the combustion while lowering the hydrocarbon emissions and all this while managing the fuel economy. The fuel injection happens in a pinpoint manner.

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The Langen 2-stroke carries a 249.5cc, v-twin 2-stroke engine that deploys counter rotating crankshafts. The powertrain is mated to a 6-speed gearbox.

The nimble lifestyle bike churns out a power of whopping 75 bhp at 11,700 RPM along with a max torque of 45 Nm.

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However, this British-made 2-stroke motorcycle carries a price tag of £28,000 which converts to mind-boggling 26.68 Lac in INR. This price tag is without VAT by the way! Pre-bookings are already on and only a handful of units will be made for now.

Source: VisorDown