KTM Quashes Plans to Make Two-Cylinder 250 cc Motorcycle

KTM, quite literally has taken the entry-level power segment by storm with their single cylinder Duke and RC range – not only in India but the world over. Apart from the 125 ccs, they sell 200, 250 and 375 cc motorcycles under both the sub-brands.

It is then imperative that after tasting success with single cylinder engines, they try venturing into multi-cylinder motors, most probably twins. But that may NOT be in the pipeline, if we have to believe a report at Iwanbanaran.

On the backdrop of the launch of the KTM RC Austria Cup Asia at Sepang circuit, Indonesia, Iwanbanaran questioned Gianluca Lozzi, Sales Director KTM South-East Asia, if they have any plans to venture into the two-cylinder quarter liter market which is the gaining trend these days.

This RC250 has not been launched in India

Mr Lozzi quashed the possibility and said that they will remain faithful to their single cylinder range (which currently powers the Duke 250 and RC250, both of which are not sold in India yet). Even when insisted and questioned – what if the market demands – Gianluca said that KTM has its own characteristics and they are different. Single-cylinder engines are lighter and their motorcycles are more powerful.

This question was directed towards the 250 cc motorcycles but it appears that the same policy can be extrapolated for the under-400 cc range as well. Stephan Pierer, owner of the KTM brand has also not talked about twin cylinder smaller capacity motorcycles yet.

After streetfighter and sports motorcycle range, KTM will move to the adventure segment, as officially confirmed by partner Rajiv Bajaj, MD of Bajaj Auto (which owns nearly half of KTM).

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