2017 Duke 390 Render Pic; 3 Changes We Expect From KTM

Update: One more clearer spyshot has surfaced

The KTM Duke 390 gave motorcyclists in India a chance to experience power at an incredibly affordable price tag. Updates such as the slipper clutch last year have been continuously adding to the value for money quotient. However, the naked is lined up for its first major update soon and the internet is full of hope and expectations.

Adheep, an avid BikeAdvice reader has sent out this speculative rendering of the upcoming motorcycle based on the spy shots which have come up on the internet so far. The first unveiling of 2017 Duke 390 is expected in November at EICMA. After a long discussion, we have come up with a list of things which we expect from the new bike, but first a glimpse of how it may look like…


2017 Duke 390: Expectations

  • More refined engine: While the present generation version is great in terms of power output and sheer acceleration, many complain about the relative lack of refinement. Yes, bigger single cylinder engines do tend to possess vibrations but we believe KTM will definitely work on improving the overall refinement of the ass-cranking motor by deploying a second counter balancer (as they did for the Duke 690).
  • Added gadgetary: Just like the new RC390 we expect the 2017 Duke 390 to gain ride by wire technology, which will help the bike have a smoother throttle response. Wishlist? Can we get riding modes too please?
  • Exhaust note: Do not get me wrong, I just adore these smaller KTMs but the exhaust note of the present generation models make my ears cringe (though we are divided on this aspect within our team). Hopefully the new version will get a better exhaust note. The presence of a canister exhaust will most probably replace the underbelly unit.

Adheep has also created the following GIF image to bring out a comparative look at how the 2017 Duke 390 appears from one of the spyshots that surfaced earlier.


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This is a broad list of changes we would expect from the new motorcycle – what about you? We would specially like to hear from the current owners of the motorcycle…