390 Adventure is OUT, But What Happens to This 390 Scrambler?

KTM 390 scrambler launch possible? It was spotted around the same time 390 ADV was also under tests, about two years back…

Along with the 390 Adventure, KTM was also testing a mid-capacity scrambler-like motorcycle and it was first spotted two years back, around the same time when 390 ADV also made its spyshot debut.

A closer look at the engine reveals that, in all probability, it is sporting the 373cc engine of the Duke 390. The motorcycle with a tiny humped fuel tank carried a similar frame as well but it appears to have a smaller swingarm.

It sported a petal disc at the front and a raised front fender. In addition, it was also equipped with knobby tyres and a spoke wheel (only the front; the rear appears to be shod with alloys). It appears to have a tiny, pretty useless pillion seat whereas the riding posture is upright.

KTM 390 Scrambler Launch Possible?

So, the question is – what is the status of this project? It has never been spotted again but if it made it to this road validation stage, it was a serious project, for sure.

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KTM 390 scrambler launch
This 390 Adventure spy pic also surfaced around the same time period. Both spy pics credit – Motorradonline.de

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Has KTM pushed it for an unveil at some later point? Or has the 390 scrambler been completely shelved? KTM will obviously not comment on any specific future product and only another spyshot will confirm if it is still under works.

So We Are NOT Getting the New-Gen KTM RC390?

But let us, for an instance, consider that it would be launched. So, what prospects do you see of a small, powerful scrambler in the market? Will it be too specific and will the 390 Duke, with a much broader usage, eat up its market or will such a bike be a nice tool and may find takers?