Kawasaki ZX-4R; How is the Super Expensive, Super Interesting Screamer Doing?

Kawasaki ZX4R sales numbers in this story suggest that there is fair bit of demand for such, extremely niche but super exciting motorcycles..

Kawasaki is playing a different game in India. After its split with Bajaj Auto, the Jap planned to expand its reach. At one end of the spectrum, it has the commuter W175 that costs sub Rs 1.5 Lakh and locally manufactured (internationally discontinued) Ninja 300 like models for volumes and at the other, it is bringing in ultra-interesting models like the 4R, 6R as well as the 10R from the four cylinder Ninja line-up!

We are accustomed to seeing inline 4s for bigger capacity motorcycles, however, Kawasaki recently launched the screamer ZX-4R in India in September 2023 – yes, an inline-4 cylinder 400cc motorcycle. Being a complex and costly preposition, the ZX-4R is priced at Rs 8.49 Lakhs, a tag never heard before for motorcycles of such displacement. Deliveries of the CBU (Completely Built Unit) model began a month later and imports were also limited to 25 units per batch.

kawasaki zx4r sales
The ZX4R churns 80 PS of peak power with RAM Air…

The question, then is, how is the motorcycle doing in terms of sales? Here are the official SIAM sourced numbers…

Kawasaki ZX4R Sales India

October 202320 units
November 202311 units
December 20238 units

This totals to net 39 dispatches to Kawasaki dealerships in three months – an average of 13 units a month – almost half of what the Jap had probably planned.

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However, these are still impressive numbers considering that they are higher than some motorcycles like Trident 660, Tiger 660 and a few others that are around this price band of Rs 7-10 Lakhs.

In fact, Kawasaki’s own Ninja 400 (that comes with a conventional dual cylinder engine) registered total sales of only 60 units during the same period – which is not far off from the 4R’s numbers. So, Kawasaki must be pleasantly surprised at the response the ZX4R has received and we hope to see the uptake increasing in the times to come.