Days Ahead of Launch Kawasaki ZX25R Price Rumors Surface

Latest report suggests Kawasaki ZX25R price may not be as exorbitant as the general feeling is. It may come at saner tags!

There are two things that a big section of bikers is hooked onto – one, the upcoming four cylinder quarter liter ZX-25R and two, its pricing! Since there is nothing of this sort anywhere in the world, there is no ballpark figure to get an idea about it.

Indonesia and Japan are two of the most important markets for the motorcycle according to Kawasaki. The ‘screamer’ was announced for launch in the month of April in Indonesia, however, the outbreak of COVID-19 delayed things. But now it has been confirmed that the quarter liter motorcycle will be officially launched on the 10th of July ie within a few days from now.

While the exact power figures are still elusive, we do have a sniff of the motorcycle’s possible pricing. According to a latest snippet at an Indonesian blog, an authorized dealership in East Java had asked for a tentative amount of IDR 105 million from a biker who wanted to book the bike (and pay in full). After conversion this turns to about 5.50 Lakh in INR.

For reference, the standard (dual cylinder) Ninja 250 costs IDR 62,700,000 (about 3.30 Lakh INR) whereas the Versys 650 has been priced at IDR 180,900,000 (~ 9.50 Lakh INR) in the Southeast Asian country.

Kawasaki ZX25R price
Baby ZX doing 160 kph with a gear left on a track..

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If we extrapolate this possible pricing randomly into the Indian scheme of things, the ZX25R appears to be an under-Ninja 650 motorcycle (Indian price Rs 6.24 Lakh) – a ray of positive hope!

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Only two things to disappoint you though – one, that it will NOT be locally made in India (and imports are already costing hell lot of money in New Zealand) and two, there is nothing that can conclusively suggest that Kawasaki will bring it here 😀 .

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On the other hand, even the sibling supersport ZX-6R was not expected to be India-bound, but Kawasaki did launch it here, so do NOT lose hope 🙂 .

Source – Iwanbanaran