Jawa Corrects Weight of BS6 Motorcycles on Its Website: Get 2 Kg Increase

Jawa’s weight was wrongly put up at the website, informs the company. The correct weight of 172 kilos has been updated now…

Classic Legends released a press note back in March this year informing about the launch of the new Bharat Stage 6 compliant Jawa as well as Forty Two (here). It did not share the specs of the motorcycles and simply said they are ‘similar‘ to the outgoing models.

In the meantime the COVID pandemic hit and the website was left unupdated and showed the older data only. There was no follow-up word from the company until now. Classic Legends updated the details of the BS6 versions of the Jawa and Forty Two revealing their specs for the first time. Apart from the slight drop in power and torque numbers, what caught our eye was the significant weight increment of 182 kilos.

Jawa's weight

This meant a hike of 12 kg over the older models – which is equivalent to a massive 7 percent hike!

Will Share Sales Numbers at the ‘Right Time’: Jawa

However, a representative of the company contacted us and informed that ‘182 kg’ was incorrectly typed on the website and the correct weight of the new models is 172 kg which is a very acceptable increment of only 2 kg from the BS4 versions. The website has been updated with the changes.