Here Are Jawa’s Total Sales for Complete FY21

Like the overall 2-wheeler industry Jawa sales FY21 show a decline as well. But is there a silver lining somewhere? Will Yezdi help..?

Mahindra has a target – the target to penetrate deep into the 2-wheeler market in India – probably one of the very few auto segments where it has not been able to do good. It failed with its own brand and decided to go premium.

It bought rights to use iconic monikers like Jawa, Yezdi and BSA through an acquisition of a company called as Classic Legends. The first Jawas are already on the roads since the last 2+ years and the initial euphoria has been favorable. However, the company has been facing internal issues with production which has marred sales.

Since Jawa does not share its monthly dispatch figures with the media, the only source of its performance is through the vehicle retail sales numbers that FADA shares with us every month. So, how did the company perform in the financial year 2020-21? Let us have a look at its numbers..

Jawa Sales FY21

FY20 salesFY21 sales
27,318 unit20,801 units

Note – These numbers are compiled by FADA in association with Ministry of Road Transport & Highways and reflect actual sales from 1289 RTOs out of total 1493 offices since they are not on VAHAN 4.

As you can see Jawa has lost almost 6500 unit sales in this financial year under question as compared to the preceding fiscal. But that is the trend across the overall 2-wheeler market. You can check overall sales in this story.

jawa sales fy21
Jawa recently launched this updated Forty Two. It now plans to expand through its Yezdi brand this year…

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However, there is a positive to Jawa’s numbers. At ninth position overall, Classic Legends’s figures have fallen by 24 percent as compared to 41 percent decline in the eight position holder – which is Piaggio. Piaggio sold a total of 37,377 units in FY21 as compared to 63,720 units it achieved in FY20.

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Though it is still a big ask but this takes us closer to the possibility of Jawa outselling Piaggio for the eight spot in the overall rankings – possibly this year or the next.