Is This the Reason Why JAWA was Hiding its Sales Figures So Far?

Jawa sales figures have been revealed through the monthly registration numbers that were released by FADA. And you will be surprised….

No doubt that Jawa has been the talk of the time ever since the first whispers of its resurrection emerged. The entity is operated by Classic Legends which is a Mahindra owned company now. It started its innings in November 2018 and shared the monthly wholesale numbers for the first few months, which is a norm with each and every prominent maker in the country.

However, shortly after, it stopped distributing these figures to the public and said ‘we will share them at an appropriate time‘! And since then, it is only the company that has been telling us that ‘it has been doing pretty well‘ and that is what we had to believe.

However, in a latest update, FADA – Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations, has shared the monthly Vehicle Registration Data with us. Please note that these are actual number of vehicles that were registered with RTOs and can be called as almost the ‘real’ sales to end customers.

In the same report, Classic Legends ie Jawas numbers also get revealed for the month of July 2020. Here is how it fared…

Jawa Sales Numbers July 2020

Classic Legends569 units

Out of the the total 8.74 lakh 2-wheeler registrations this is the number of motorcycles Jawa sold to its customers in the month of July which gives it a market share of 0.07 percent. If we consider the current disruption as the major issue, let us present to you its last year’s numbers..

Jawa Sales July 2019

Classic Legends991 units

As you can see, Jawa remains a very niche player and is placed only over the much more premium makers like Harley, Kawasaki, BMW etc; needless to even talk about Royal Enfield’s numbers!

Jawa sales figures

Now, the question arises – Why is Jawa NOT able to produce and deliver approx 10,000 to 12,000 motorcycles every year to its customers on time? Has it not been able to scale up and sort its production for even 1000 units every month?

Exactly After 20 Months of First Unveil Jawa PERAK Deliveries Commence

There have been instances where customers had to wait for 8-10 months to get deliveries of their Jawas! And despite the backlog, it started selling and producing a brand new variant (Perak) midway!

Angry JAWA Customer Takes Out a Donkey Ride in Protest

It will be prudent for Jawa to be transparent about its sales numbers to the public and its prospect customers and sort out its production issues because it is no more a brand new maker in the market.

Jawa BS6 Changes Listed: Deliveries Commence

This vehicle registration data was compiled on 7 August 2020 by FADA in collaboration with Ministry of Road Transport & Highways. It comprises sales from 1235 RTOs across India (out of 1445 RTOs as these remaining ones are not on VAHAN 4).