Mahindra to Start Exporting JAWA to Europe This Year [Speculation]

Jawa exports will commence from the brand’s original home town in Europe but will it pose a threat to the domestic deliveries…?

The return of Jawa appears to have been accepted extremely well, though we do not have any numbers to talk about (since Classic Legend does not prefer to disclose them). It has launched three models in India so far – Jawa standard, Forty Two and the most interesting of them all – Perak.

The classic motorcycles, which share Mojo’s engine, were recently updated with Bharat Stage 6 compliance for continuity of sales in India. And in a latest update, an online report claims that Mahindra has now homologated the Jawa (standard model) and it will commence its exports to Europe sometime this year.

There will be minor regulation related changes in the export model and the brand’s home country Czech Republic will be the first market to get the made in India motorcycle.

Jawa exports
Jawa has expanded its portfolio with this Perak bobber recently…

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It will be interesting to see how Jawa manages to strike a balance with its local distribution with respect to its exports. Because, in the domestic market, the maker has not been able to curtail the extremely long waiting periods and have kept a lot of customers waiting – some for as long as 10 months!

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The company has promised that it has worked on the production capacity of its motorcycles and the wait times will be considerably reduced. Let us hope it goes true before it commences its exports..

Source – Indianautosblog