From No Difference in BS4, Jawa is Now Charging Upto ₹5000 More for Popular Colors

Jawa BS6 price hike is not uniform across all shades. It has taken this opportunity to probably earn more on colors which are in higher demand…

Earlier this month Jawa officially announced the launch of its Bharat Stage 6 compliant versions of standard Jawa and Forty Two. Perak, which was launched for the second time in November 2019, is already BS6 compliant. Classic Legends hasn’t shared the exact power and torque numbers of its BS6 models but it says they are similar to the BS4 variants. The company is yet to update its website with the details.

Jawa BS6 Price Hike

But the big change is on the pricing front. Till BS4, the demarcation in prices was only on the type of ABS the motorcycles sported – single channel or dual – which is absolutely logical. However, in the BS6 era, Jawa has now started charging premiums for its high moving colors. Here is how much…


The base price of Black and Grey colors of Jawa is Rs 1,173,164 for single channel ABS and Rs 1,82,106 for dual ABS. The third and the most popular color – Maroon (which was sold at the same price of the black and grey till now) will now be available at a premium of Rs 1064 for both ABS variants.


It has turned more complex for Forty Two as it is sold in as many as six color shades and all of them were priced at Rs 1,55,300 for single channel ABS and Rs 1,64,242 for the equivalent dual ABS variants.

Haley’s Teal and Starlight Blue are now turned into entry level color variants with Lumos Lime being the mid trim commanding a premium of Rs 3864 (for single & dual ABS both). The remaining three shades – Comet Red, Galactic Green and Nebula Blue, now come at a premium of Rs 4928 (applicable on both single and double channel ABS)!

Jawa BS6 price hike
Forty Two Nebula Blue along with Galactic Green and Comet Red now command a premium of almost Rs 5000!

Will Share Sales Numbers at the ‘Right Time’: Jawa

You can check prices of all variants here.

*all prices mentioned on this page are ex-showroom

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Jawa hasn’t highlighted any changes to the color shades of BS6 and hence, we are assuming that all of them have remained absolutely identical in features. And hence, this premium, in all probability, is only to earn more on popular shades, which are in higher demand.