Delivery Issues: 334cc Jawa Perak Set to Get Delayed

Jawa delivery issues are getting deeper with the company failing to match demand and streamline production at its facility in Madhya Pradesh…

Along with the Forty Two and Jawa 300, Classic Legends also announced the launch of a third motorcycle called as Perak last year. It not only showcased the bobber-styled motorcycle but also went onto reveal its official price tag of Rs 1.89 Lakh.

However, it did not clarify that this ex-showroom tag was for the dual-channel ABS version or single-channel ABS. But, unlike the Jawa and Forty Two, Perak was shod with a disc brake at the rear (obviously along with a disc at the front) so it is expected that this price tag corresponded to the dual-channel ABS version.

Early this year, Ashish Joshi, CEO of Classic Legends announced that the company will commence deliveries of Perak in the fourth quarter of this calendar year. Since, he specified that he is talking about this ‘calendar’ year, which means the plan was for October to December time frame (here are more details).

However, as we see it, Perak’s deliveries may NOT commence in this stipulated time frame and even if they do, it will be a handful of dispatches just for the sake of it. This is because Classic Legends has not been able to streamline its production properly even today and as a result, it is not being able to deliver its existing Forty Two and Jawa 300s.

jawa delivery issues
Jawa Perak comes with a more powerful and bigger engine

Jawa Delivery Issues

Many enthusiasts are still waiting for their motorcycles for the last.. wait a minute… seven to eight months! Unconfirmed reports suggest that some dealerships which are sitting on 500-600 bookings have, so far, delivered only a handful of motorcycles (by handful we mean deliveries in double digits only!).

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It all looked well managed initially but it now appears that Jawa is unable to match the demand properly. It has not been able to align its production even after almost a year of launch. Forget Perak, most of you may not be able to get even the existing Jawas before Diwali!