TVS Zeppelin launch has been rumored to take place in the coming few weeks according to a latest speculation. Will it get the 312cc engine..?

So, do you remember the Auto Expo 2018?? And do you remember the Cruiser bike concept TVS showcased at the event named ‘Zeppelin’?? Of course you do. Many of us were pretty excited when we first saw the cruiser in its concept form.

We have some good news for you. The Zeppelin could be a reality and we might be able to own one very soon. 

TVS Zeppelin launch likely in the Coming Weeks

TVS Zeppelin launch

It has been a good 4 years of wait, but, if the rumours are true, TVS is planning to launch their long awaited cruiser in the coming weeks and it could be named – Zepplin R. 

The ‘Zepplin R’ name was trademarked by TVS back in 2020, when the world was a better, pandemic-free place and the ‘normal’ was just an ordinary word. It is expected that TVS will be using this trademarked name on their upcoming cruiser bike. 

If it does happen and TVS is poised to launch their cruiser bike, we have to commend the company on keeping this project under wraps for so long. In so many years of R&D and testing, not a single report, whisper or a prototype ever surfaced on the social media anywhere on the interweb. 

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Coming to the bike itself we have seen the concept back in 2018 which showcased the TVS’ vision of an Indian cruiser. It sported wire-spoked rims at both ends, LED lighting setup  and single-unit stepped seat with a back-rest for the pillion. 

It boasted a 220 cc engine which was assisted by a 48V Li-ion battery that made it a mild-hybrid system. Another premium touch was the use of belt-drive as the final drive connecting the engine to the rear wheel, instead of the traditional chain drive. The belt-drive has an advantage of being a low maintenance option and a reputation of being highly reliable. 

TVS Zeppelin launch

However, we expect a lot of bling to not make its way to the final production model. The first thing to go will be the mild-hybrid system, which will be replaced by one of the existing petrol-powered engines – we are keeping our fingers crossed for their powerful 312 cc Apache RR engine. The second could be the use of staple sprockets & chain final drive to keep the cost of the bike & its after-sales service affordable. 

If the new Zepplin R does get the 312 cc engine from TVS, it will directly rival the Royal Enfield Meteor 350, Honda H’ness 350 and Yezdi Roadster. And above all, it will have true boasting rights of calling itself a cruiser, in a sea of pseudo-cruiser roadster looking rivals.