2022 TVS iQube vs iQube S vs iQube ST – Differences & Details

We list TVS iQube differences of all variants along with details of the complete scooter in this quick look.

So, today TVS have updated their first electric scooter – iQube – which was launched back in January 2020, and this update has split the electric scooter into 3 variants and 11 total colours. 

The company boasts a lot of goodies that have been loaded on to the scooters and a plethora of improvements that have been brought to the mechanicals & drivetrain. 

Let’s take a closer look at the 2022 iQube – 

  • Variants, Colours, Price & Availability – 

TVS iQube is now split into three variants – iQube, iQube S & iQube ST.

TVS iQube is offered in 3 colours, the iQube S is offered in 4 colours and the top-spec iQube ST dons 4 colours. 

The top model iQube ST has only been introduced. Details such as price, deliveries etc. are yet to be announced by the company. 

Other two variants – iQube & iQube ST – have been priced Rs. 98,564/- and Rs. 1,08, 690/- (ex-showroom, Delhi) respectively. These two models are now available at TVS dealerships all across the country. 

  • Battery Pack and Drivetrain – 
TVS iQube differences

The battery pack and drivetrain combination for iQube and iQube S is exactly the same down to performance numbers and charging times. 

The top-spec ST gets a higher capacity 4.56 kW battery pack with slightly higher peak power but the numbers are similar to other two siblings. It comes with an option of charging with a 1500 W fast charger which charges it completely in 2 hours and 30 minutes. 

The iQube ST boasts a higher top speed of 82 km/hr but the acceleration numbers are the same as the other two variants. 

  • Dimensions and Chassis – 
TVS iQube differences

Chassis construction and dimensions of all three variants are absolutely the same, barring one major criteria. 

The Kerb weight of all three variants are completely different from each other. The top ST variant is the heaviest while the base iQube variant is the lightest. That clearly has to do with how much kitted all the variants are.

  • Features and Highlights – 

Now this category is a big one!! The TVS iQube variants are filled to the brim with all the latest tech TVS have to offer. 

All three variants are fitted with TFT instrumentation of various sizes and functions. The base iQube gets a 5” TFT display with turn-by-turn navigation in-built. The S and the ST variants get 7” TFT instrumentation assisted by a 5-way joystick to control the screen. Additionally, the ST’s TFT screen is touch enabled to offer better control of the screen. 

The full lighting setup on all three variants are all-LED. The electric scooter comes with two riding modes – Economy & Power. The charging system is off-board and comes in two capacities – 650 W & 950 W – for base & S variants and – 950 W & 1500 W – for the top ST variant. 

TVS iQube, iQube S and iQube ST, all come fully loaded with Bluetooth connectivity and SmartXonnect features. There are few features which are not available in the lower spec models, but the ST models come with each and every feature the company offers. There is reverse mode, theft alert, flip key with torch, crash & fall alert, hazard warning lights, utility space, etc features loaded on the scooter with features like TPMS, Cruise Control, Keyless ignition announced to come in a future update.

So there we have it – a bettered, sorted electric scooter from a reputed, known brand…