Most Powerful 150cc: India-Spec Yamaha MT15 Leaked

India-Spec Yamaha MT15 pics (uncamouflaged) have appeared over the internet first time revealing the changes. Launch is on 15th March…

So the next big launch enthusiasts in India are waiting for is the Yamaha MT15 which, essentially, is the naked version of the ‘ohh-so-favourite‘ R15! After many details and camouflaged spy pics, the India-spec version has been leaked in a set of spyshots which detail the changes.

First up this update confirms that the matte blue colour (also sold internationally) is one of the shades in the palette. Second, it, for the first time, reveals how the motorcycle will look without those thick, golden coloured upside-down front forks (India-spec MT15 ditches USDs in favour of conventional telescopics to reduce costs).

India-spec Yamaha MT15 Pics

The next change is the inclusion of box-section swingarm. International-spec MT15 comes with cast aluminium units which look sportier. A little while back, through a leaked document, the power numbers of the Indian model were revealed and you will be glad to know that there are no compromises on that. India-spec MT15 will produce 19.3 PS of peak power, exactly equal to R15, from its 155cc, liquid cooled VVA equipped engine (more specs).

This is the international-spec MT15 for reference

Yamaha will be presenting the MT15 for bikers who believe that the recently introduced FZ is tad underpowered and prefer streetfighter, lean and mean bikes without the bulk of fairings etc. Since the weight of the MT15 will be lower than R15, it could become an even better accelerating motorcycle, however, it will definitely miss the air-blast protection on highways because of the lack of that aerodynamic fairing of its sibling.

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We believe MT15 will be priced at around 1.20 Lakh ex-showroom; under the R15 to offer variety to entry sportsbike lovers in the country. Yamaha has already rolled out media invites and we will be at the Buddh International Circuit on the 15th of March to share all the details as they happen. It will be the second launch from our list of Five of the Most awaited motorcycles of 2019!