Confirmed: Recently Unveiled Husqvarna E-Pilen Launch Next Year

Husqvarna electric motorcycle launch has been confirmed for 2022 in the latest investor presentation from Pierer Mobility – the parent company…

Just a few days back Husqvarna unveiled its E-Pilen electric motorcycle in concept form. The E-Pilen will be Huskys first mass market e-bike which will be launched in various parts of the world.

According to the latest Pierer Mobility presentation, KTM says the E-Pilen has been scheduled for launch in 2022. In the same sheet, the E-scooter that was earlier scheduled for 2021, has been pushed for 2022. It is not known if Huqvarna will announce their production versions at the same time or will scatter them in the year.

The E-Pilen carries design elements from the current naked Husqvarnas and has some futuristic bits that we are now becoming accustomed to seeing. The E-Pilen is still ‘in development’ but we believe the market-going model will be very similar in design.

husqvarna electric motorcycle launch

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It will be based on a common platform that may be used by KTM (and probably Bajaj) on its future entry level electric motorcycles. It will have motors varying from 4 KW to 10 KW and will come with modular battery system wherein the batteries can be swapped.

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The video that Husqvarna shared revealed that the E-Pilen will have a range of 100 km and it will be manufactured by Bajaj at its Chakan plant in Maharashtra.