Hornet 180 vs Hornet 160 – List Of 8 Differences

Hornet 180 vs Hornet 160 – we list all the major spec differences between these two iterations of the Hornet.

Honda recently launched the BS6 version of Hornet, dubbed as Hornet 2.0. While the motorcycle is heavy on features, it has received mixed reactions from the fans.

Today, in this story, we shall be comparing the new BS6 Hornet 2.0 with the older-gen BS4 version, and list out all the differences.

  • Engine Capacity

The most significant difference between the two motorcycles is undoubtedly the engines. While the older gen Hornet came with a smaller, 162.71 cc air-cooled engine, the 2.0 version comes with a bigger 184.4 cc motor. Also, the BS4 version was powered by a carburetor, while the BS6 version comes equipped with a PGM-FI (fuel injection) system.

  • Power Figures

Increased engine capacity means an increment in power figures. The Hornet 180 makes 17.26 PS of peak power at 8500 rpm, whereas the older Hornet 160R generated 15.1 PS at the same rpm. When it comes to torque, the BS6 version produces 16.1 Nm at 6000 rpm, as compared to the BS4 version’s 14.5 Nm at 6500 rpm. So, the difference is 2.16 PS and 1.60 Nm and the peak torque now comes 500 rpm earlier.

  • Design And Styling

Design is the most noticeable visual difference you can observe. The Hornet 2.0 gets all-new styling and looks sportier with the latest update. It gets sharper lines and curves that make the bike appear more muscular.

Hornet 180 vs Hornet 160
Older Hornet 160R
  • USD Forks

Honda is promoting this feature massively, as the BS6 version gets upside-down forks at the front, as compared to the older gen’s conventional telescopic suspension set up.

  • Tyre Size

While the size of the rear tyre remains the same, the new Hornet gets a bigger 110/70-17 tubeless rubber at the front. The BS4 Hornet used the 100/80-17 specced tyres.

  • All-LED Lighting Package

The Hornet 160 also came with LED headlamps and tail-lamps but it had conventional bulbs in the indicators. However, the new 180-cc version gets an all-LED lighting package, which is a nice touch!

Hornet 180 vs Hornet 160
The new Hornet 180

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  • Instrument Console

With the new update, Honda has replaced the older instrument console with a more modern unit, which now looks similar to the one found on CBF 190R sold in China. It is to be noted that both the versions are equipped with all-digital clusters.

Instrumentation of the new Hornet 180

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  • Price

The Hornet 160R was priced at around Rs 95,000-97,000 levels whereas the Hornet 180 costs Rs 1.27 Lakh which means for all the added features you have to pay approx Rs 30,000 more on the ex-showroom price.

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Other minor changes include a 9 mm bigger wheelbase (1355 mm vs 1346 mm), 1 kilo of heavier weight (142 kg vs 141 kg) and 3 mm higher ground clearance (167 mm vs 164 mm) on the new Hornet 180.

-Moin Ahmed