Honda to Unveil First BS-VI 2-Wheeler Tomorrow

Activa 125 could be Honda’s first BSVI two-wheeler in India…

Few days back Honda shared an invite with the media for an event scheduled for tomorrow. The agenda is the unveiling of the ‘First BS-VI two wheeler‘ from the company. Now, this won’t be the first in the country since Hero has already announced that its Splendor iSmart has received the BSVI certification, but they have not shared when do they plan to launch the motorcycle in India.

Apart from the details of the venue in Delhi and the timings, the invite reads ‘Please Hold a Pin Drop Silence‘ and ‘Quiet Revolution‘ in the same sentence.

Honda’s First BSVI Two-Wheeler

This may have hints of an electric two-wheeler but that is not what we believe will be tomorrow’s product. Considering Honda’s tilt towards scooters, chances are that it will be a 100cc or 125cc conventional petrol powered scooter. If we have to base our estimates on past comments from Honda, this two-wheeler could also be fuel injected.

Honda's first BSVI two-wheeler
Activa 125 could be the first BSVI product from Honda

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If we look back, Honda was caught testing a scooter recently in complete camouflage which appeared to have a stark resemblance with the Activa 125 (check spy pics here). So, it could be the updated Activa 125 which could become the first product from the company to be BSVI certified or Honda may have a surprise up its sleeves!

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Honda’ recent sales performance has slipped big time with Activa also losing out a lot of its customers. It would be yet another challenging year for all the makers as they strive hard to make their products BSVI compliant before the April 2020 deadline.