Honda Unveils 13 New Motorcycles at EICMA; Here is a Look With Pictures & Details

Japanese behemoth Honda’s stall at the 2013 EICMA Show in Milan was probably the go-to stall. With their vast repertoire of vehicles ranging from small capacity learner bikes to full-blown, litre-class beasts with tourers thrown somewhere in between, Honda has the entire spectrum in its grasp. Take into consideration some real cutting-edge technology from their R&D and invaluable experience in the motorcycling segment for decades, and you can see why an Indian company has been getting a lot of butthurt over a divorce. 🙂


Here’s a go-through  of Honda’s showcases at the 2013 EICMA Show in Milan, Italy. 


It is pictured above. It was the bike that started the war a couple of weeks back at the CIMA in Chongqing, China.

The small-capacity, learner bike is now benefited from a bigger 286 cc single-cylinder mill, thus belting out more power and torque. Apart from that, it now stays well within the CBR territory without trespassing over into that of VFR. A sharper front end and a dual-headlmp setup accompanied by smaller niptucks here and there have made this a brilliant looking machine. It is a carry-forward from the earlier iteration, the CBR250R.

Purists have lambasted this bike for not incorporating a twin-cylinder mill, and a few others have felt that the bump in figures could have been more. However, we feel a decent road test is what the bike requires to showcase its full ability.


This bike could be headed for India. Or may be Honda will decide to update the CBR250R with the newer styling theme. Keep tuned for more!


Honda’s flagship motorcycle is now much more track-lethal than ever.

Honda CBR1000RR SP

The unveilings include an enhanced CBR1000RR FireBlade and a Special Edition called the CBR1000RR FireBlade SP.

The list of progressions on the new CBR1000RR FireBlade includes :

  • Revised cylinder head
  • Exhaust system
  • Polished inlet and exhaust valves
  • New hand selected pistons and conrods

In addition to the above embellishments, the Special Edition offering gets Öhlins suspension and Brembo brakes along with Pirelli Supercorsa SC tyres. Time to raise the bar, eh?

HONDA CBR650F and CB650F :

Two stylish looking middleweight bikes were present at the Honda stall, namely the CBR650F (The Faired One) and the CB650F (The Naked One).

Honda CBR650F

Both the bikes are powered by a new 649 cc, Inline-Four engine that pumps out a peak power of around 86 Bhp @ 11,000 rpm. The engine 16 valves and a DOHC head construction. Honda claims both the bikes are very driveable in real world conditions, with plenty of grunt lower down the range.

The bikes possess an all-new twin-spar steel frame and new aluminium swingarm. The front forks on both the bikes are non-adjustable, but the rear shock on CBR650F can be tweaked for preload as well as rebound damping adjustment. The naked version, the CB650F, allows adjustment for preload only. In addition, the faired model comes equipped with clip-ons.

Honda CB650FAs expected, both the bikes are quite similar except the bodywork, seating-cum-handlebar position and suspension settings. Could this come to India??

Well, it might come to have a showdown with the Kawasaki Ninja 650.

HONDA CTX Series :

A threesome of noticeable motorcycles with a distinct styling theme was also present at the stall.

Honda CTX1300

Call it an insect or a bug or whatever, but you can’t deny these machines are breaking new ground. People have labelled it as a Muscle Tourer, which does fit into the image.

The CTX models are claimed to be the perfect conbination of comfort and technology. The CTX1300 is powered by a  longitudinally mounted, liquid-cooled, 90-degree, V4 engine. The CTX series might be heavy, but they are much more rideable than other cruisers. The seating position along with the raised handlebars will allow for long periods of cruising, and a host of equipment mounted on the bikes will add to the convenience. It includes an audio package with bluetooth connectivity, too!

In addition, the CTX700 and the CTX700N possess Honda’s much-vaunted Dual Clutch Technology for added convenience.


Delightable models for touring aficionados, but unfortunately we don’t see them making it to our shores soon! Both are powered by V4 engines.

Honda VFR800F

The VFR800F is now sculpted in a sportier look. It also receives a host of upgrades, such as :

  • ABS
  • Heated grips
  • Adjustable seat
  • Self-cancelling indicators ( What ? Now ?? 🙂 )

Honda CrossTourer

What’s with Adventure Bikes and Beaks??

The CrossTourer is a top-of-the-line bike for any one wishing to get out there in the dirt and slush. It is powered by a 1,237 cc V4 engine, and is now equipped with Honda’s new 3-Stage Selectable Torque Control System. It also comes with Honda’s six-speed DCT gearbox.

Few more upgrades include :

  • Self-Cancelling Indicators
  • New Top Box
  • Heated Grips
  • Low Seat Option

HONDA Integra, NC750X and NC750S

Honda Integra

Pictured above is a scooter called the Honda Integra. It has got an engine displacement increase via an increase in cylinder bore by 4 mm. Similar engine upgrades are also seen on the NC750X and the NC750S models. Honda has claimed that models introduced in 2011 have received further utility enhancements and an increase in engine capacity for more power and torque and even better fuel consumption.

However, the above three models are really unlikely to make it to India.