Honda Unveils Limited Run ‘CBR150R’ Repsol Edition In Malaysia

Honda CBR150R Repsol Edition will be a limited run model with only 800 units planned to be built and sold in Malaysia…

So, while we wait for Honda to bring the CBR150R back to India – fueled by the recent patent filed by the company, they have unveiled the limited-run ‘Repsol Edition’ of the baby supersport bike in the Malaysian market. 

At the first glance, it is very difficult to miss the bold Orange paint scheme inspired completely by the Repsol Honda paint scheme of the Honda Factory MotoGP machines. The whole bike is covered with the Repsol Orange colour accented with Red colour at various places and ‘Repsol’ branding pasted on the side and front panels of the bike. 

This Repsol Edition of the CBR150R is a Limited run model of which only 800 will be built and sold in the Malaysian market. Seeing how popular Honda and MotoGP championship is in Malaysia, there is no doubt that the 800 units will be sold out in a very short time. 

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Other than donning the Factory MotoGP colours, the rest of the bike is similar to the standard CBR150R sportbike. It houses a 149 cc, single-cylinder engine that puts out 16.3 HP and 13.7 Nm of torque connected to a 6-speed transmission system. 

To put it in context, the Yamaha R15 v4/M sportbikes that are sold in our country produce 18.4 HP and 14.2 Nm of torque, also connected to a 6-speed transmission assisted by a slip & assist clutch. This makes the Yamaha supersport model more powerful than the Honda one by 2.1 HP and 0.5 Nm. 

Though the Honda CBR150R sportbike is an apt rival to the Yamaha R15 v4/M bike, there is no information and/or confirmation that Honda will bring it back into the Indian market. Yes, the patent has been filed, but it does not necessarily mean that the company will definitely launch the bike. It just means the company have received the nod that they can launch the bike if they decide to.