New CB350 Variant Coming? Honda Patents ‘CB350 Brigade Moniker

Honda CB350 Brigade Patent hints at something military-related could be coming… Might be a new variant to CB350 model…

Adding another one to their plethora of patents, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) have registered a new name – CB350 Brigade – in India. 

Honda already offers two variants of their CB350 roadster in India – H’ness CB350 & CB350RS. Could the new ‘CB350 Brigade’ be a new variant?? 

There are some rumours floating around that suggest that the mysterious motorcycle which Honda is preparing to unveil during their August 8 event could be this CB350 Brigade model. The reasoning behind this rumour is that, since the August 8 event is so close to the 75 years of celebration of Indian Independence, the CB350 Brigade could be a tribute to Indian Independence & to the armed forces that work very hard to maintain it. 

Depending on how big a change is the model this could be true or untrue. So, if CB350 Brigade is a different model – like the CB350 RS, it could command a major media test ride (that is scheduled for 11th August) – however, if it is just some cosmetic updates, Honda won’t definitely call us to a place and ask us to ride the motorcycle with same mechanicals.

In essence, we thin the CB350 Brigade could be a new variant of CB350 with some cosmetic updates and the 8th August launch would be something different.   

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A few months ago, Honda started offering their bikes through CSD services, starting with their H’ness CB350 & CB350RS models. This means Honda could be offering the new limited-run CB350 Brigade through CSD services to armed forces across the country. 

Apart from this, there are many speculations related to the description of ‘The Formidable’. It could be Forza 350, CRF300L dual-sport bike, or something completely different (unknown) but it will definitely be something interesting! 

Stay tuned…