Will Honda Price its Hornet ADV/NX200 Sensibly…?

Let me share a quick one on possible Honda NX200 price band when it arrives here on 19th August. Will the Jap be reasonable this time…?

Honda has been known to make pretty reliable motorcycles, however, it is the pricing that has often been optimistic. Its recent launches – the CB350s are just about decently placed, however, it completely messed up with the mid-sizers – CB500X as well as the CB650 twins.

The much awaited CB500X is finally here, however, it costs almost as high as the much bigger Kawasaki Versys 650. That was a sureshot way to kill a lot of potential buyers as well as receive backlash.

Now, the next big launch from the company is the Hornet based small Adventure motorcycle that it has teased recently (teaser video below). The upcoming motorcycle will be launched (or unveiled) on the 19th August in India.

Yes, there is no concrete evidence that it is the Hornet ADV (which is likely to be called as NX200), but Honda won’t use that Hornet 180’s headlamp (that is visible in the teaser) on anything bigger, for sure. Nor will a smaller (than Hornet 180) ADV make a lot of sense. So, it is almost a given that we are looking forward to the Hornet ADV aka NX200.

HOnda NX200 price
Like the Hornet 180, the upcoming NX200 is expected to be based on this CBF-190X that Honda sells in China.

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Honda NX200 Price?

The current Hornet 180 is priced between 1.31 to 1.33 lac – which, in itself, is costly for a 180cc bike. It is obvious that the ADV based on it will be placed higher. The 190X was launched at around 16,380 Yuan (~1.88 lakh in INR) I could not find the price of the streetfighter model in China to understand the difference there. However, that does not matter probably!

I do not think that pricing will depend on how much kitted (or different) the NX200 is (from the sibling streetfighter). Honda, after careful analysis through its data teams, would price it at the maximum point which a biker will be ready to pay for such a product.

I think Honda will completely skip that 1.40 Lakh mark and the NX200 could cost somewhere between 1.45 lakh to 1.60 lakh, or higher! It may want to take advantage of having not much competition in the segment. The only real competition – Hero Xpulse 200 is priced fantastically low at Rs 1.21 lakh, which means we are already way over it.

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The other options – the bigger Himalayan and the 250 Adventure cost over Rs 2 Lakh. In the last paragraph I said ‘or higher’ since Hornet 180 is already well over the Xpulse and Honda then has a fairly bigger room to think (but an inherent feeling tells me that the Jap won’t shoot its foot so severely!).

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So, what is a good price you will pay for this Honda’s baby ADV then…?