Honda Launches 2013 Edition of CBR 250R: Famed Repsol Colour Scheme Present

The Indian motoring market is witnessing a lot of action in the current timeframe. With the KTM 390 Duke launch having thrown out a challenge to all the premium bikes, expect a few slouched shoulders and creased foreheads. Lots has been said about the KTM 390 Duke writing a virtual epitaph for the CBR 250R. ” #R.I.P.CBR ” would probably have become a rage across twitterati !!


Nevertheless, “BIG RED” seems unfazed, as evident from their tone in the Press Release they left by in our inbox. Silently and stealthily, they have ushered in the 2013 edition of the bike which, arguably, is the one which took the craze for 200+ cc bikes in India to an all-new crescendo. Honda has gone ahead to introduce new colors on its flagship model CBR 250R. However, there is no other change in the specs and this is a virtual “Botox-Shot” for the Baby Blade (Call it Baby Veefer if you want!!)

The 4 new colors are :-

Sports Black –


Sports Red


Pearl Sunbeam White –

2013-Honda-CBR250R-Sports-Motorcycle-Pearl Sunbeam White.jpg

And the much awaited MotoGP Repsol graphics –


The Repsol livery is undoubtedly the drool-worthy factor. CBR 250R’s riders can now rub shoulders with Honda Repsol team’s stars Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez. All these upgraded versions will be available in each and every Honda Exclusive Authorized Dealership across India.

Here are the updated prices of 2013 Honda CBR250R (Ex-showroom, Delhi) :-

  • 2013 Honda CBR250R Sports Red –  Rs. 1.56 lac (Standard) / Rs. 1.85 lac (C-ABS)
  • 2013 Honda CBR250R Sports Black – Rs. 1.56 lac (Standard) / Rs. 1.85 lac (C-ABS)
  • 2013 Honda CBR250R Pearl Sunbeam White – Rs. 1.57 lac (Standard) / Rs. 1.86 lac (C-ABS)
  • 2013 Honda CBR250R Repsol Edition – Rs. 1.92 lac (C-ABS)

Being a Limited Edition, the Repsol draped Honda CBR 250R will be available only in the pricier C-ABS variant. More importantly, it will be available only till October 2013. So hurry !!!

But are you satisfied with just a cosmetic change? Shouldn’t the Baby Blade have been given a technical tweak?? Let us know your opinions.

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