After 6 Years Honda Grazia Discontinued

Honda Grazia discontinued from the Indian market and the company has replaced it with a similar looking Dio 125…

I remember, back around 2017 Honda and TVS tried to put some masala in the 125cc scooter segment by introducing the Grazia and the Ntorq, in a gap of a few months. Initially, both the scooters got pretty good traction, however, later on the response of the Honda started to tapper off, while Ntorq continued with its brilliant run.

Eventually, after trying a few unsuccessful tricks on the scooter, Honda decided to pull the plug and standing today, there is no Grazia on the official website. This is a confirmation that the 125cc scooter, that was placed in the sportier sub-segment, has been discontinued from the market. For the last many months, there was zero production of the scooter and Honda never launched its OBD2 compliant model.

grazia discontinued
Honda Dio 125 is a replacement of Grazia…

This is surprising because Honda generally persists with its products and weed them out only when nothing works for a fairly long period of time.

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But Grazia’s departure appears to be well-planned at least internally. The Dio 125 is a direct replacement and is placed around a similar ballpark. With Dio, the plan is to offer an existing hit brand that has previously worked in some other segment. Interestingly, Dio’s rear and side profile are very similar to the Grazia and it is based on the same platform and engine.

Taking a leaf out of TVS’ books, with Dio, Honda has also promised a throaty exhaust note. It will be very interesting to see how will buyers react to the bigger Dio and how will it compete against the Ntorq.