Speculation: New Honda SP160 Coming Soon

Honda SP160 will reportedly be based on the high-selling Unicorn and may not pose a threat to the XBlade…

Honda has tried multiple models in the 150-160cc space. In the utility segment, it experimented with the Unicorn 160 that bombed and the Jap had to bring back the old Unicorn (that is still on sale and has now been updated with a 160cc engine). In the sportier segment, there have been models like Dazzler, Trigger and Hornet 160R, apart from the current XBlade. However, apart from the old Unicorn, nothing has worked for them.

Instead of trying out new sub-brand names, it appears, Honda has decided to shift its strategy to use existing established names on new models. Recently, we saw this play out with the Shine 100 as well as the Dio that has now received a new 125cc variant (replacing Grazia!).

A similar plan could be carried out in the 160cc space as well. Honda had officially revealed earlier that it was working on a new 160cc motorcycle for India and fresh details have come up. According to a report, Honda has decided to use its fairly successful SP moniker in the 160cc space. Currently, the SP125 is the slightly premium model in the 125cc sub-segmen that supports the mad selling Shine 125.

honda sp160
SP160 will reportedly be based on the Unicorn

Honda SP160, as it is likely to be called, will be based on the Unicorn and will share the chassis, engine and gearbox with the star seller as well. Will it be tuned for more power is not known. For reference, the Uni churns 9.9 kw (13.46 PS) of peak power and 14.58 Nm of max torque from its 162.71 cc engine.

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According to the report, the SP125 will come with a 12 liter fuel tank and will weigh 141 kilos (2 kg more than Unicorn). It will also come with 17 inch tyres in place of the 18 inchers on the Uni. It could be priced around that 1.10-1.15 Lakh mark and its launch is expected in the coming months.

If this is true, the idea seems to be to supplement Unicorn’s sales and not bring out a differentiated model that can stand alone and be the flag bearer. It will be interesting to see if a brand known in the lesser segment will do good in the bigger segment as well.