Honda Discontinues White & Green Color for Twister

Honda launched the Twister in India back in 2010 with 5 color options. They added the Pearl Sunbeam White to the lineup in 2011 taking the total color options on offer to 6.


However, while browsing through Honda’s official site (latest screengrab above), we have learnt that the company has silently discontinued the same Pearl Sunbeam White as well as the Candy Palm Green color options from the tally. And now, Twister is only available in the following four color options

  • Heavy Grey Metallic
  • Electric Yellow Metallic
  • Sports Red
  • Black

We also noticed that Honda has changed the names of the red color from ‘Pearl Sienna Red’ to ‘Sports Red’ and for black color from ‘Pearl Nightstar black’ to just ‘Black’. A dealership guy also confirmed the same and was hopeful of Honda possibly introducing a few new colors to the Twister’s tally.

Honda entered this 100-110cc segment with Twister which has been our favorite in this segment. They continued their onslaught into Hero’s land by launching as many as 2 new products. The very recently launched cheapest Dream Neo and the Dream Yuga which has been a hot seller in the market.

This change also reveals the fact that apart from launching new products, Honda is also busy correcting the existing lineup, trimming the options that are less wanted and keeping the ones that are in demand. How many of you really liked the white color in Twister? And anyone of you who owns one?