Honda Discontinues 125 cc Stunner Due to Low Sales

A new motorcycle expected to be a 125 cc will be launched in some months

Along with the launch of tons of new/refreshed products, Honda is also discontinuing motorcycles which are not yielding them sales. They are fast trimming the lineup and trying to make it more efficient. So far, Honda has discontinued at least four models from the lineup including the Unicorn 150 for the domestic market and the fifth motorcycle to get the axe is the 125 cc Stunner!

According to the sale data shared by Autocar Pro, Honda has NOT been selling the Stunner in India since July this year, however, it continues to be exported from here. Axing of Stunner is not unexpected as the model was witnessing consistent fall in sales with the multiplication of competition.

Stunner was launched in India in 2008 and was not updated much apart from the introduction of the new terribly overpriced PGMFI variant sometime later, which failed miserably! In shark contrast, Shine, initially not a star seller, has gone onto the pole position in the 125 cc space and has retained it for the last many months. In fact, Honda’s motorcycle (only) sales revolve around Shine as this single model accounts for more than half the share.

Hero also crafted out a model called as Ignitor which was based on Stunner and it continues to be on sale, although it has also seen a drop in sales year on year.

The mystery bike which is expected to be the next 125 cc. Click pic for spyshots

Stunner was a decent offering from Honda and provided sportiness along with reasonable power but for some reason it did not click in the market.

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Honda has already teased a new bike which will be launched in the coming few months. This ‘mystery’ motorcycle is expected to be slightly more premium than Shine and may be the replacement of Stunner.