Honda CBR150R India

Today, Sharat Aryan of our team got his hands on this 150cc beast for BikeAdvice exclusive test ride and as we speak he is penning down the review of Honda CBR150R bike, he did send us some pictures to drool over until the review is complete, find them below.

Honda CBR150R Pics: click on the pics to enlarge.

Honda CBR150R motorcycle

Honda CBR150R-2012

Honda CBR150R-review

In his words:

The bike seems to be very impressive, here are a few teaser photos from the road test.

Until the review is live you can follow our previous coverage of the Honda CBR150R from the links below:

Honda CBR150R at Auto Expo

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Honda CBR150R Review now Live.

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  1. CBR150R has a very ordinary rear swingarm and basic rear monosuspension. R15 V2 has better alloy rear swingarm and link-type monosuspension for better comfort and better load tolerance. R15 is cheaper by 10k.

  2. Why u guys are always late in everything??
    Even biking news is copied frm other sites(many atimes).
    Dont u hav anything of urs?
    Even dis cbr is now old,n u showing the td now??

  3. I love this bike….This bike although has less looks & features than R15 it will be a good performer than R15….it accelerate well and master of performer of high rpm due to DOHC

    • okay CBR150r has acceleration, but dude its torque is less and come only at high rpms too. Also, the rear monosuspension is very basic like in unicorn. The R15 has link-type monosuspension, and its stiffness dynamically varies with weight due to link.

      Also, just compare the rear swingarm of R15 and Cbr150r and see. The CBR150r has an ordinary rear swingarm like an ordinary 150cc bike. So costly, but yet lots of ordinary tech.


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